Best Cap Guns

#1.Parris Texas Toy Cap Gun Set

For those who want the best cap guns, we think that the Parris Texas Gun Set is the way to go. This set offers two incredibly durable and quality cap guns at a very reasonable price from a reputable manufacturer. They are probably the best bang for the buck and they feel pretty real as well.

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Best Cap Guns

#1.Parris Texas Cowboy Toy Cap Gun Set

When it comes to the best cap guns, we have to give them to the Parris Texas Ranger Cap Gun Set. Parris as a brand makes some of the most reliable and best-quality cap guns in the industry. These particular cap guns are constructed with die-cast metal and fires 12-shot ring caps. It is incredibly sturdy and definitely does not feel like a cheap piece of toy.

Additionally, we also like the holster and belt, which are actually pretty high quality and do not feel cheap at all. They are soft to the touch and made of soft vinyl, although they can look like they are leather. And finally, just know that the handles are made of plastic, although it can be mistaken for real wood because they did such a good job here.

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#2.Toysmith Wild West Metal Cap Gun

The Toysmith Wild West Metal Cap Gun is the best cap gun when it comes to reproducing a classic toy design. Overall, it is pretty good quality and recommended for children 8 and up. This cap gun is made of pretty durable die-cast metal and uses a plastic, wood-grain grip as a handle. This handle is pretty well crafted and doesn’t look or feel cheap.

Next, you should just know that there’s an automatic roll cap feed that places a cap under the cap gun hammer whenever you pull the trigger. It works pretty well and never really gets jammed up. Unfortunately, the roll caps are sold separately but they can usually be bought for pretty cheap.

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#3.Western Legends Lawman Metal Cap Pistol

When anyone talks about the best cap guns, they should definitely at least mention the Western Legends Lawman. This is clearly a premium cap gun with a premium price tag that goes with it. This gun fires 12-shot ring caps and includes a holster belt and a soft vinyl holster that feels and looks like real leather.

When you fire the gun, it gives a nice loud little pop, which is always a crowd-pleaser. The standout feature is probably just the fact that it is better constructed than the other cap guns we have tried. All in all, this is a great quality pistol made of real die-cast metal, so it will feel pretty heavy, almost the weight of a real pistol.

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#4.Parris Manufacturing Jesse James Pistol

Our next recommendation comes from Parris Manufacturing, which is the Jesse James Pistol. This is a Jesse James Replica toy cap gun that also includes a holster and belt. It is made of die-cast metal and the gun instead is about 7 inches long. We really like how all the mechanisms work seamlessly, especially the latch to open the chamber to load 12-shot ring caps.

The orange tips come mandatory with the cap gun and the grips are made of high-quality plastic but look like wood. Overall, just excellent craftsmanship in the design. If you are into getting the best quality cap gun for your kid, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Parris-branded cap gun.

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#5.Maxx Action Western Series Toy Cap Pistol

Finally, we have the Maxx Action Western Series Toy Cap Pistol, which is definitely a downgrade in quality from all the other cap guns we recommended. However, it is great in terms of value. We like it because it is just super cheap and works just as fine as the other cap guns. It just doesn’t really look as pretty and is made of cheaper materials.

If you are just looking for something to get the job done and won’t completely just break down on you, this is the one to get. Just keep in mind that it uses 8 shot ring caps. So overall, the Maxx Action Western Series is great for those who want the performance of a normal cap gun, but don’t want to overplay for a fancy replica or design.

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