Best Bow String Wax

best bow string wax

30-06 Outdoors String Snot Bow String Wax

The 30-06 Outdoors String Snot is the best bow string wax if you want a great scent free formula. It is also 100% waterproof and does a great job protecting your bow string from the elements.

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For those who use any kind of bow, you should know to wax your bow strings often. This applies to longbows, recurve bows, compound bows, and even crossbows. By using the best bow string wax, you can prolong the life of your bow string because it prevents individual strands from falling off. It also helps coat the string in a way such that the individual strings that make up the full string don’t rub against each other. Finally, it prevents the bow string from water and sun damage and keeps it protected from the elements.

In terms of bow string maintenance, it is safe to say that most people don’t wax their bow strings enough. But you don’t need to go crazy on this issue and wax your bow string after every session. In general, you should be waxing your bow string every few weeks. Even if you don’t use your bow, the wax on your bow can fall apart and deteriorate.

In terms of actually waxing your bow string, you should definitely clean your bow string before waxing. A common trick is to take some dental floss and run it down your bow string so that it removes old worn out strings. Then you should wax 360 degrees around the string rather than only on one side. And please don’t overuse the wax or it will collect lots of dirt.

When shopping for the best bow string wax, there are quite a lot of factors you should consider. First and foremost, you should decide whether or not you want a scented or unscented wax. This can be a factor when you are out hunting. Most people just end up with odorless bow string wax.

Then you should consider, how well it reduces string flaring and feathering. This is a good measure of its performance. Bow string wax should be easy to apply and lightweight. Also it shouldn’t freeze in cold environments and should not be able to catch on fire. Also your bow string wax should be waterproof.

Best Bow String Wax

30-06 Outdoors String Snot Bow String Wax

best bow string waxWe think the 30-06 Outdoors String Snot is the best bow string wax for your bow string if you want an scent free formula. This is a 100% waterproof string wax that is also completely odorless. It glides onto your bow string easily and stays on for longer than most of its competitors.

Unlike traditional bee’s wax based string wax, this product is made of a proprietary blend of various natural waxes, grease, and oils. It is precisely engineered to hold up to the elements when you are bow hunting in the wilderness for long periods of time. When you apply it on your bow string, it does not freeze or burn. All in all, it does a great job in reducing string flaring and feathering.

– Scent free formula
– Proprietary blend of natural waxes
– Does not freeze
– Non-flammable

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Bohning Tex-Tite Bow String Wax

best bow string waxIf you want a natural based wax, the Bohning Tex-Tite is the best bow string wax for you. We think this wax does a great job in extending the life of your string. The Bohning lubricates quite well and can also be used as a rail lube. Additionally, it keeps the threads on your strings from loosening and fraying.

This bow string wax is such a small investment for the greater cost of getting your bow restrung later down the line. Eventually, it will happen, but applying the Bohning Tex-Tite regularly can vastly extend the life of your bow string. The only thing you may need to remember to do is buy more as it runs out pretty quickly depending on the length of your bow string.

– Lubricates quite well
– Very cheap
– Extends the life of your bow string
– Prevents fray and strand separation

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Mossy Oak Bow String Wax

best bow string waxFor those who want a bow wax specifically designed fro synthetic fiber strings, Mossy Oak is the best bow string wax for you. We think this wax works especially well in outdoor environments and is made for hunters. It does a really good job in protecting your bow strings from the elements. if you apply a healthy layer all around your bow string, you won’t need to worry about your bow string freezing up, catching on fire, or getting wet and slippery.

When your bow string starts to show some signs of fraying, it is a good idea to apply this all over your string and really work it in. You can directly apply it onto your bow string via the tube or you can put it on your fingers first and then rub your fingers on the string. In our experience, this bow string wax by Mossy Oak has great durability and is very easy to apply.

– Works well in outdoors
– Does not freeze up
– Applies easily
– Very durable

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LimbSaver Bow String Conditioner and Protectant

best bow string waxIf you want a bow string protectant and crossbow rail lubricant in one pack, you should get the LimbSaver wax. This is the best bow string wax that conditions and moisturizes all types of bow strings. It vastly improves the shelf life of your bow string and helps reduce friction. This is an odorless protectant that is also loaded with WeatherLock technology, which is just a fancy way of saying it helps remove moisture and keep your string in excellent shape.

The LimbSaver Wax is really built for sports hunting and endurance. It lasts longer than most of the other bow string waxes that we tried out. Additionally, it is quite easy to apply and does not contain any harsh chemicals or toxins. With its proprietary advanced formula, the LimbSaver bow string conditioner does a really good job in preventing your bow string from fraying and breaking apart.

– Conditions and moisturizes
– Odorless protectant
– WeatherLock Technology
– Built for sports hunting and outdoors

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Easton Bow String Wax

best bow string waxEaston Archery is a very well known name brand and produces a really nice bow string conditioner. It is specifically designed to be used for synthetic fiber bowstrings. This wax comes in a 1 ounce container, which gives you plenty of ammo to apply multiple coatings all year long. Additionally, it is compatible for all sorts of bow strings including compound bows and recurve bow strings.

Perhaps the standout feature is its ability to make your strings way more water repellant than other waxes. Also, it is a great protectant and prevents your strings from daily wear and tear. This is quite a cheap and reliable product and if you apply it often, you can definitely save yourself from expensive string repairs later on down the line.

– 1 ounce container
– Compatible for all sorts of bow strings
– Water repellant
– Cheap and reliable

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