Best Recurve Bow String

best recurve bow string

SAS B-50 Dacron Recurve Bow String

The SAS B-50 is the best recurve bow string for those who want a dacron string that is durable and long lasting. There are plenty of sizes to choose from and we are sure you can find a size that is the perfect fit for your recurve bow.

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For those looking for the best recurve bow string, you have come to the right place. Recurve bows are generally simpler types of bows that are made up of a few pieces for the frame and a single string. They are called recurve bows because of the shape of the bow’s frame. The tips tends to curve out, which gives the bow more power when drawn.

This also means recurve bows are harder to draw back and larger bows are especially harder. In general recurve bows are lighter and much more portable than compound bows. They have less working parts, which also means they are easier to maintain. Additionally, they are generally cheaper than compound bows.

When looking for the best recurve bow string, there are several factors you should consider. The bow string material is probably the single most important factor as it impacts the overall durability, the force generated, the pull force, the amount of vibration, and all sorts of minutia. The most common materials used are Dacron, liquid crystal polymers, and ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes (Spectra and Dyneema). The primary difference between them are the strength per strand, often measured in weight and stretch.

Next, you should consider string forms. There are simple strings, reverse twisted strings, and looped strings. String strings tend to be a bit weak for their weight and easily come apart. Reverse twisted strings tend to be the strongest for their weight and hold together much better than simple or looped string. Looped strings are made of one of or continuous loops and use less fiber at the ends, which results in easier wear and tear.

Best Recurve Bow String

SAS B-50 Dacron Recurve Bow String

best recurve bow stringThe Southland Archery Supply B-50 is the best recurve bow string if you want a premium quality B-50 Dacron. You can choose between 12, 14, and 16 strands, which correspond to bows that support up to 40, 50, and 65 pounds respectively. This is an AMO length string, which means it is 4 inches longer than actual length of the bow string length. In terms of end type, you have well served endless loop type.

What we can tell you after thoroughly testing this product is that it is definitely more durable that most of the other bow strings we tested. It is made in the USA and we find that the SAS B-50 frays slower than other strings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come waxed so we encourage you to wax it often. Luckily it is sized correctly and works as advertised. However, you need to really make sure to correctly determine your string size.

– Premium quality
– AMO length string
– Made in the USA
– Well served endless loop type

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I-Sport Archery Hunting Braided Bowstring

best recurve bow string
For those who want a premium quality flemish braided bowstring, the I-sport Archery Hunting Bowstring is the way to go. This is the ultimate traditional bowstring replacement for all types of recurve bows. It features nylon material and is suitable for bows up to 50 pounds. The string length is 56 inch and the color is solid black. Please keep in mind that the length is the actual string length and not AMO length.

We tried this one out on a variety of different recurve bows and found it to work well. Although it is nice and cheap and great to shoot for fun, we probably wouldn’t recommend it for any sort of pro level use. It may not have the accuracy that you are looking for if you are a serious archer. Nevertheless, the I-sport bowstring is still quite reliable and durable and should last you a good 6 months.

– Nylon material
– Solid black color
– Nice and cheap
– Durable and reliable

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Trade Gear Accessories B-50 Dacron

best recurve bow string
For those looking for B-50 Dacron material, the Trade Gear Accessories bowstring is the best recurve bow string for you. The great part about this bow string is that it has tight loops that won’t slip off the bow ends. We can’t really say the same about some of its competitors. After rigorous testing on targets, we found that it holds up extremely well after heavy use. This is a great string to last through an entire archery season.

Overall, the Trade Gear Accessories B-50 Dacron works as advertised and is made in the USA. This is definitely a high quality bowstring and you get one string per pack. In terms of measurements and figuring out what string size to get, please refer to the product details online.

– Very durable
– Made in the USA
– Works as advertised
– B-50 Dacron material

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Traditional Gear Fast Flight Plus

best recurve bow string
The Fast Flight Plus by Traditional Gear is one of the best recurve bow strings on the market for a flemish string. We love how it also you to fine tune the length of the string to perfectly fit your recurve bow. Additionally, the release noise is not so noticeable, which is always a plus.

We also like the Fast Flight Plus for its extreme durability. It performs better and last longer than most of the other bows that we tried out. They can accept low stretch and are high performance bowstring material. Furthermore, we like how the strand colors are twisted in black and bronze, which is a nice little feature. Please keep in mind when ordering that all lengths are actual string lengths and not AMO length or bow length.

– Perfect fit
– Release noise not noticeable
– Extremely durable
– High performance

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Samick Sage & Polaris Replacement String

best recurve bow stringWe would say that the Samick Sage Replacement String is probably one of the best value recurve bow strings on the market. If you are looking something that will last at least 6 months, the Samick Sage & Polaris replacement string is the best recurve bow string for you.

This replacement black dacron string is specifically for the Samick Sage or Polaris and lasts twice as long as the original. It comes pre-twisted and adjusts for desired brace height. You can choose between 14 and 16 strand, which will fit 25 to 45 pound strength bows. If you are into traditional archery, this is the perfect replacement bow string for you.

– Black Dacron String
– Great value
– Long durability
– Pre-twisted

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