Best Tarte Palette Reviews

#1.Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to the best tarte palette, we have to give it to the Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette. It is the most versatile of all of the Tarte branded palettes that we have reviewed and really just appeals to the widest audience. It comes in 12 matte and micro-shimmer shades and we are absolutely certain you will find more than a few shades that you absolutely love and can use every day.

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Best Tarte Palette

#1.Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette

For those who want the best tarte palette, we highly recommend that you try out the Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette. It has all of the popular colors that everyone wants. This is basically the best-selling eyeshadow palette for a very good reason – it just has the widest range of flexibility and appeals to all sorts of eye colors and skin types.

This eyeshadow palette comes with 12 matte and micro-shimmer shades that can easily become your daily goto palette for quick and easy applications. And we like how it is arranged in rows for three very easy looks that also come in the warm-toned lid, crease, and liner shades.

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#2.Tarte Dont Quit Your Day Dream Palette

Next, we have a bit of a limited edition Tarte palette, the Don’t Quit Your Day Dream style. We think this is the best tarte palette if you are into warm-toned eyeshadows. Most people really love this palette because it is perfect for day-to-day wear. They make a great base and are incredibly pigmented and opaque.

Also, keep in mind that these are makeup bag friendly as they fit in the palm of your hand, which is definitely a plus for us. It also doesn’t quite kick up when you put your brush down. And lastly, just know that it is 100% pigment, so you have no reason to move your brush around rapidly. It also sticks quite nicely and will keep its color for longer than others.

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#3.Tarte Palette Rainforest of the Sea Vol. III

Another really great product when it comes to the best tarte palette is the Tarte Palette Rainforest of the Sea Volume III. This is for people who want a creamier palette. There are eight shades in this color palette and they all have this nice plush texture that is part powdery and part creamy.

We like this palette because it is a long-wearing palette that consists mainly of neutral shades. This palette is also vegan and crease-free with no primer needed. Furthermore, it comes infused with marine plant extracts to help hydrate your lids and provide them with the necessary antioxidants. And applying this is super easy and incredibly smooth.

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#4.Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette

The Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette is another really good choice if you are committed to a Tarte Palette. It comes with 20 ultra-pigmented shades. We really like it because it is powered by naturally-derived ingredients and features a very healthy range of neutral to bold shades that most people will like.

Many people compliment this palette on its silky-smooth blending with every wear as well as rich pigment payoff. The Amazonian Clay definitely gives you better longer and truer wear. It is also infused with mineral pigments which help soothe and soften skin and vanilla extract which gives it a natural subtle fragrance.

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#5.Tarte Sweet Escape Makeup Collectors Palette

Lastly, we have the Tarte Sweet Escape Makeup Collectors Palette, which is amazing if you want just a large variety of different colors as it comes with 25 exclusive shades. Furthermore, this set comes with 2 blushes, a bronzer, and a highlighter shade. Perhaps the real standout feature in our opinion is just how this product smells.

That’s right we said it, we really like the subtle yet satisfying fragrance of this palette. We think it really adds a nice finishing touch. Finally, we really like the fact that this eyeshadow lasts for a long time and is quite easy to apply as well as remove.

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