Best Slate Turkey Calls For Hunting

Primos Jackpot Turkey Slate Call

#1. Primos Jackpot Turkey Slate Call – One Of The Best Turkey Calls For Beginners

We think the Primos Jackpot is the best slate turkey call because it offers great performance at a very affordable price.

While it is not priced like one of those premium high-end turkey calls, it certainly performs like one and can easily create piercing yelps to subtle purrs.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Turkey Call?

When it comes to hunting turkeys, having the right call can make all the difference in your success. So it is really critical that you get devices that mimic perfectly the sound of a gobbler.

Now, you need a call that can perform under different weather conditions (rain, wind, cold, etc.). But you also need to check for a call that can produce soft sounds and some a little louder.

Obviously, each call is different. So, you really need to learn to use these effectively.

Best Slate Turkey Call

#1. Primos Jackpot Turkey Slate Call – Beginner friendly

For those who are looking for the best slate turkey call for a turkey hunt, we think Primos Jackpot is definitely the way to go. It may not be the most expensive out there, but it certainly acts like one.

We generally find that the Pennsylvania Slate is one of the easiest surfaces to use for beginners as well as seasoned veterans.

And in terms of turkey calls, ease of use and authentic sounds are the names of the game.

And this one can produce piercing yelps to subtle purrs.

Finally, we just want to say that the Primos Jackpot works just as well and is just as durable as the expensive top-shelf slate turkey calls, but at a fraction of the cost.

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#2. Wicked Series Best Slate Turkey Call

The Wicked Series Slate Call is an engineering marvel. This is one of those high-end turkey slate calls that just gets everything right.

Both the strike and calls are extremely high quality and work very well together producing very unique tones that other calls just can’t really produce.

This is the best slate turkey call that is made of impregnated wood, which also means that it is completely waterproof.

We can’t say the same about other turkey calls.

Overall, it has a great fit and finishes and we really love the sweet spot on the back which is just great for soft calling.

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#3. Knight & Hale Ol’ Yeller Classic to Hunt

Knight & Hale Ol' Yeller Classic

When it comes to the best slate turkey call, the Knight & Hale Ole Yeller often comes up as a suggestion.

We think it is definitely one of the most reliable slate turkey calls on the market.

It features an enhanced slate soundboard with a premium wood-style striker that creates a very rich and natural-sounding tone.

When we tried it, the sounds just seemed so real that it is often hard to tell the difference between the turkey call and the real thing.

Finally, we just want to say that there is in fact a break-in period, where it takes a while of use for the call to reach its full potential.

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#4. Woodhaven Custom Calls Cherry Classic Slate

Woodhaven Custom Calls Cherry Classic Slate turkey call

Woodhaven Custom Calls creates a very nice turkey slate call that combines the best Pennsylvania slate with a cherry sound chamber in an eloquent way.

What this means is that the resulting sound is just simply amazing. It hits all the right tones and sounds very natural, from loud screeches to soft purrs.

It also comes with a surface conditioning kit and two hand-matched strikers.

And both are very high quality.

Finally, we just want to say that this slate turkey call is a bit pricy, but you can just feel the quality by just feeling the build of the call in your hands.

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#5. Flextone Tramp Stamp Slate Turkey Call

The Flextone Tramp Stamp Slate Turkey Call is a great option for though who are on a budget yet still don’t want to give up too much quality and performance.

In our opinion, we think this is one of the cheapest calls out there if you want to get a relatively realistic sound but you don’t want to pay top dollar.

The quality is ok, but it is clearly not made of premium wood with diamond engravings. It simply just gets the job done.

Finally, we just want to say that it comes with a magnum hickory striker and is quite easy to use, and is highly versatile for many situations.

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Frequently asked questions

How to use a turkey slate box call?

Turkey hunters often use a variety of calls to lure their quarry out into the open.

One such popular call is the turkey slate call, which can be used by novice and experienced hunters alike.

Basically, it is a wooden box with a hinged lid.

It is usually made out of walnut and cherry and creates a sound when tapped lightly with a small striker.

The sound produced by the box call is low-pitched and similar to that of an actual turkey.

Using a slate call requires practice and patience for optimal results. But anyone can do it with a little bit of practice.

To begin, hold the box in one hand so that your thumb rests on top of the lid and your forefinger holds it down firmly at one corner.

Use your other hand to tap carefully on top with either a peg or striker to create various tones.

Will a slate pot call work in the rain?

It may or may not work. Let me explain. Slate pot calls are generally made from hardwoods like walnut, cherry, or mahogany which have been treated with an oil-based finish.

This makes them perfect for use outdoors in wet conditions as they’re designed to repel water and keep moisture out.

Additionally, these calls can be used to produce different turkey sounds such as clucks, yelps, and purrs even when wet – giving you plenty of flexibility during hunts even if it rains.

On the other hand, if it is pouring rain, then your slate call may take some water. Though it will still work, it will not produce the desired sound effect. At that time it is probably best to go home and get dry.

What is the loudest turkey call?

There are three main styles of turkey calls you can use to attract turkeys. These are:

All of the above three solutions can produce fairly high-volume sounds.

But going louder in calling a turkey does not mean you are doing it right.

Basically, if you make a too-loud call, the less realistic or natural your call will be to the ears of a Turkey. So best to stick to a gentle, not too-loud call and you’ll definitely soon catch some beautiful gobblers.

What is the easiest and best turkey call type to use?

Well, the easiest is the box call. You just need to rub two sticks together. So anyone can do this.

However, you need to understand that even if anyone can make sounds, you still need to make the sound that means something to the turkey. Understanding and knowing what the sounds mean is the key to attracting that old gobbler.

So the challenge is not to make a sound, the challenge is to make the right sound. Now if you want something easy to use, just go for box calls. They are definitely the winners in that particular case.


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