Best Braided Fishing Line

Best Braided Fishing Line

KastKing Braided Fishing Line

If you want the best braided fishing line that is designed for extra small diameters, the KastKing SuperPower is your answer. It is liked by both professionals and amateurs are their braided fishing line of choice. Also, it has a high tensile strength of 65-150 pounds with 8 strands combined to make one line.


best braided fishing lineThe choice between mono and braided fishing line is often intuitive in most cases but in other cases, it ain’t easy to decide. In general, you will want to use the best braided fishing line for bottom fishing, jigging, fishing structure, casting plugs/lures, and fishing kelp. There are many pros and cons to braided fishing lines over mono fishing lines.

Braided lines give you high knot strength, no stretch, and high power to diameter ratio which present way more strength than monofilament lines. Additionally, braided lines are a bit different when you are spooling on a reel – we recommend using a few layers of mono before using braided. One of the bigger drawbacks of braided lines is that it is highly visible in the water. Many people get around this by adding a monofilament leader to your braided line. It can be a very short leader just a few feet will do.  We have meticulously gone through a tested many of the best braided fishing lines on the market and have come up with a condensed list of what we think are the best. Please see below for our recommendations and a thorough review of the industry.

Best Braided Fishing Line Reviews

KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line

best braided fishing lineIf you want the best braided fishing line that is designed for extra small diameters, the KastKing SuperPower is your answer. It is liked by both professionals and amateurs are their braided fishing line of choice. First and foremost, it has a high tensile strength of 65-150 pounds with 8 strands combined to make one line. These 8 strands are wrapped in a way to create a tight thin line and have a smaller diameter compared to other braided fishing lines.

This allows you to put more fishing lines on your reel. Additionally, it has incredibly strong knot strength, which allows you to tie solid knots easily. These lines also have some special technology that does not include a wax coating which gives your lure better swimming action. You can achieve incredibly far casts with this braided fishing line as its wind resistance is pretty much zero. Also, because of the improved abrasion resistance, your lines will tear through the water and all sorts of kelp, seaweed, and underwater objects. KastKing has proven to remain durable under all of our stress tests.

We have had absolutely no issues with KastKing in all situations that we tested. Although there is a little color leeching onto leading lines as expected with all lines, the is absolutely no bleeding. The KastKing braided will outlast any mono line any day of the week. In terms of diameters, this line has a diameter closer to most 4-6 pound monos, so it really is ultra-thin for the incredible tensile strength. Overall, this is the best braided fishing line for pros and amateurs. It goes on your reel very well, rarely breaks despite its inability to stretch, and casts extremely long. Also, in terms of cost compared to other lines, it is a great value. We highly recommend KastKing in terms of value and quality.


Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

best braided fishing lineThe Power Pro Spectra is a well-known brand in the fishing line industry. It is the best braided fishing line if you are looking for a very sensitive line. The Power Pro has a three-end braided construction, which gives it zero stretches and is ultrasensitive. With this line, you will detect the smallest bites and hookups.

There will be some color bleeding, but it is not that big of a deal.  Also for the equivalent strength in monofilament, the Power Pro has a smaller diameter, so you can fit more onto your reel and have the same tensile strength.  We really like the fact that it has a narrower line, which reduces drag wherever you are. When you cast this line, drag is reduced through the air and results in a farther cast. It also leads to more bottom time as tides and waves create less drag on the line.

Power Pro has been around in the braided fishing line craze since the beginning.  They make some of the best braided lines and are always improving their products. We really like the knot strength, abrasion resistance, and casting ability. When we talk to experts and professionals, they always mention Power Pro or compare some other braided line to Power Pro.

The only thing stopping us from giving this a perfect score is the fact that it is a bit pricy. While other braided lines work almost as well, we don’t think any can really be better than Power Pro. It comes in varying diameters and lengths, so pick the one you want. It is treated with enhanced body technology for an incredibly round and sensitive line.  If you are willing to pay a premium for your fishing lines, you should seriously look into Power Pro.


Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline

best braided fishing lineThe Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline is the best braided fishing line if you are looking for strength. It is constantly going to changes and upgrades, and its most recent upgrade is made 30% stronger. You can get four different colors with it: moss green, camo, glow-vis green, and hi-vis yellow. The moss green works really well underwater for low visibility. The Hi-Vis Yellow works well for visibility above water.

The Dyneema PE Microfiber technology used to construct the lines makes it super strong and smooth. It does not stretch, which makes it ultra-sensitive to small tugs and bites underwater. There is also a color-lock coating technology that helps you cast faster and makes the line last longer in general. Spiderwire is offered in many sizes from 6 to 65 pounds, so you can pick the line to fit the occasion.

For example, the 15-pound line is the same diameter as a 4-pound mono, to give you a reference point as to how much thinner the Spiderwire is compared to other fishing lines. The only real downside is that we find the color fading rather quickly, but we don’t think this is a dealbreaker either.


Braided Fishing Lines: Pros vs Cons


best braided fishing lineStrength: Braided fishing lines are simply pounded for pounds much stronger than mono lines of the same diameter. This means that they only need to be 1/3 to ¼ the diameter of mono or fluorocarbon lines and still have the same break strength. This means you can fit many more braided lines on the same spool than mono or fluorocarbon lines. In terms of deep sea fishing, this is quite important as you generally want to have long lines. Additionally, when it comes to sea currents, braided lines are less resistant to them due to the lines being ultra-thin.

Abrasion Resistance: Braided lines are much more resistant to abrasions than mono or fluorocarbon lines. Therefore there is a much smaller chance of the line being cut up from rocks and other jagged surfaces. Additionally, because they are thinner than other lines, they slice through the air much better and lead to farther casts – which can result in a huge difference in terms of placement.  Also, the best braided fishing line is resistant to the sun and does not degrade as easily as mono or fluorocarbon. You can pretty much leave braided lines on your reel for a long time without it breaking down, losing strength, or chipping away.


No Stretch:  Braided fishing lines do not offer much stretch and are very sensitive to fish bites. This means hard-hitting fish can easily break the line if you pull hard on the bait. Also, fish that are gentle with bait and continuously tug on them could even break the line before you get the fish. It is important to set your drag on low when using braided lines.

Hard to knot: Braided fishing lines are slippery, don’t stretch, and are flexible: all of which makes it incredibly hard to knot properly. You can also add some glue to prevent the knots from slipping. Also, they tend to get tangled quite easily, which becomes a mess to untangle.

Visibility: Since braided lines are highly visible in the water, many fish can see them and tend to shy away from them. This could potentially result in fewer bites. To bypass this problem, you can attach a fluorocarbon or mono line of a few feet to the end of it as a leader.

Best Time to Use Braided Fishing Lines

best braided fishing lineKnowing when to use braided lines can make a huge difference whether you are on a fishing kayak or a motorized boat. If you are doing any kind of trolling, you are better off using a mono line, especially if it is the big fish you are after. Braided lines don’t really stretch so they either break or damage your rod when you try to catch it. If you are in deep waters or for fish that don’t really bite that hard, you should be using braided lines. You can have a long cast as your line will get out further due to lower wind resistance.

You can also have a longer line to get to really hard-to-reach spots. Using a braided line basically enlarges your fishing zone. Also, because the braided fishing line strength is greater than mono, it will allow you to pull fish from the structure much quicker than mono, which gives the fish time to move around more. Additionally, the sensitivity of braided lines makes them good for bottom fishing and working with plugs and lures.  Also since it packs in more strength than mono, it slices through kelp and other things underwater much easier.


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