Best Hooks For Redfish – Catch redfish with these hooks for baits

The selection of the best hooks for redfish can help you have a great (or break) your fishing experience.

Redfish, also known as red drum, is a saltwater species of fish found in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic coast.

They are highly sought-after game fish due to their large size and tasty flesh.

But to catch these, anglers must use the correct hook size and style to maximize their chances of catching them.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best hooks for redfish so you can get the most out of your fishing trips.

We will look at what makes a good hook for redfish, how to choose the right size, and which styles are most effective in catching them.

With this information in hand, you’ll be ready to land that big one.

#1. Trokar Lancet Circle Offset Hook For Redfish

For those who are interested in the best hooks for redfish, the Trokar Lancet Circle Offset Hook is definitely the way to go.

They are seriously the sharpest hooks we’ve seen for catching redfish and feature some crazy three-sided points that are surgically sharpened.

And it doesn’t even get dull over time, which is hard to say with other brands. Also, the durability is sky-high and will outlast most of the others out there.

The only thing is you have to pay up, but we think the premium is totally worth it.

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Best Hooks For Redfish


#1. Trokar Lancet Circle Offset Hook To Catch Redfish

When it comes to the best hooks for redfish, the Trokar Lancet Circle Offset Hook For Redfish is certainly the way to go.

These offset hooks are surgically sharpened and have a three-sided point. We like it because it has a nice bolstered wire diameter that leads to very aggressive hook sets.

The hook itself is incredibly durable and is also not brittle to the point where it breaks under a lot of pressure.

It has an incredibly solid hook-up ratio and is definitely worth the premium in our opinion.

This hook is simply sharper and more durable than the other brands by a noticeable margin. If you don’t believe us, you are free to ask around the angler community and surely you will find plenty of people who vouch for Trokar Offset Hooks.

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#2. Eagle Claw Lazer Kahle Hook For Redfish Fishing – Great shape to catch fish

Next up, we have the Eagle Claw Lazer Kahle Hook which is some of the best hooks for redfish if you want to try something a bit different from what Trokar mentioned above.

While Eagle Claw is certainly a well-known brand and is quite durable, it is still nothing compared to the Trokar in terms of sharpness and durability. Nevertheless, we still like it because it is affordable.

And the durability and sharpness are good enough for most people, who aren’t concerned about maximizing their hook rate.

For the average Joe out there, this Kahle hook will get the job done.

The circle hook design is also great for catch and release and makes it easier to unhook your redfish when needed and makes it just easier for bait fishing.

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#3. Mustad UltraPoint Circle Hooks – Great Size Hook For Baits

Another great brand when it comes to the best hooks for redfish is the Mustad UltraPoint Circle Hooks. These hooks work great for catching redfish and are also amazing for catching and releasing.

In fact, this hook has all of the right standards for catch and release and the inline pattern has been endorsed by many fishing foundations. So basically it is one of the more “legal” hooks out there.

The main focal point of this hook is the ultra point, which is sharp, resists rolling, and stays sharp for a long time.

It definitely gives the Trokar mentioned above a run for its money.

Also, with Mustad’s proprietary wire technology, it manages to be lighter than many other brands while still maintaining some really good strength.

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#4. Lazer Sharp Kahle Offset Hook For Redfish – A Great Hook To Catch Bull Redfish at Sea

The Lazer Sharp Kahle Offset Hook is great for redfish and we recommend the 3/0 size although you can certainly get whatever size you like or seems fit.

This is great for cut baiting or general bait fishing and is made to handle redfish of all sizes. It is durable and strong enough for most people and has definitely been quality tested thoroughly.

While there is nothing special about these hooks, perhaps this is why people like them. It is ordinary, strong, and sharp enough for most situations, and has a decent hook rate.

And best of all, we think it is both cheap and economical, so you are definitely getting a very good bang for the buck here in terms of value.

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#5. Gamakatsu Circle Offset Hook For Red Drum Fishing With Live Bait

Lastly, we have Gamakatsu Circle Offset Hook, which is certainly a brand that we love and can’t really forget about. Gamakatsu is a name that sells itself and has been around the industry for a long time.

These offset hooks offer a great combination of sharpness, durability, longevity, and strength. They don’t break or snap under pressure and they certainly don’t rust.

If you want to increase your hook rates, Gamakatsu hooks are certainly legendary for it. If you know anything about Japan, you should know that they are very meticulous exact people.

Everything is engineered to perfection here and it goes to show that it has the perfect weight, strength, and sharpness for catching redfish.

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Frequently asked questions

Please see below some fishing tips for onshore and offshore fishing.

How To Choose The Right Circle Hook Size For Live Bait?

When deciding on the size of circle hook to use, it is important to consider what type of live bait or live shrimp you are using.

Redfish are one of those fish that can be small; medium but also HUGE. Generally, for saltwater fish such as bull redfish, a size 4/0 or 5/0 hook is ideal (these are for medium to big-size redfish).

However, for smaller fish, then the advisable all-around hook size to catch some nice keeper-size redfish is just a 1/0 circle or j hook.

A 1/0 hook size is much more than enough for a small redfish. The hook will not straighten out. That’s been proven. And it is small enough for catching the much smaller redfish too.

If you are using larger bait, such as sand fleas or crabs, then a 9/0 or 10/0 hook would be best. The size of the hook should also vary depending on the size and weight of the fish that you are targeting.

Smaller hooks may be used if targeting smaller fish while larger hooks will be needed if looking to catch bigger game. Knowing which hook size to use can help ensure successful catches and can also help prevent injuries to your target species.

What’s the best bait to catch redfish?

When it comes to redfish, the best bait is often live bait such as mullet, pilchards, greenies, or pogies. Live shrimps and small finger mullet are probably the easiest and financially viable options when fishing for redfish.

Redfish also love shellfish and crabs. But if they have easier prey, then they’ll eat that one first. Now, it is sometimes difficult to get live bait. You’ll be pleased to learn that you also can use dead bait. Just try to mimic a moving fish during fishing.

By the way, if you’re unable to catch your own live bait, there are plenty of artificial bait that can be used instead. Soft plastic jigs, topwater plugs, and spoons are all effective at catching redfish.

Depending on the conditions, certain types of lures may work better than others. For instance, in murky water, it’s best to use a lure that creates a lot of vibration so the fish won’t miss it.

Additionally, if you’re fishing shallow waters with clear visibility you may want to opt for a more natural-looking lure such as a jerkbait or swimbait. Ultimately, the best bait for redfish depends on the situation but with some experimentation and patience, you should be able to find what works best for you.

What is the best time of day for catching different sizes of red drums?

When it comes to fishing for redfish, timing is everything. Knowing the best time of day to target a particular species can make all the difference in your success. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner just getting started, understanding when and where to find redfish can help you land the big one.

The most successful times for catching redfish are during dawn and dusk hours when the sun isn’t beaming down too brightly.

These early mornings and late evening hours provide anglers with a better chance of catching red drum fish since they don’t have to deal with bright sunlight reflecting off of the water’s surface. But the real reason for this is that most redfish go back into deeper water during the afternoon. The main reason is that these fish like to stay in cooler water.


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