The best Mahi Mahi Lure For Troll Fishing

#1. Kmucutie Mahi Mahi Lure Set For Troll Fishing

If you want the best Mahi lure, we have to give it to the Kmucutie Mahi Lure Set.

While this lure set may not have the best quality, we think that most people aren’t necessarily looking for that.

Instead, we think this set has the best value as everything in it is decent quality and it is really cost-effective. Durability is also quite good overall but nothing exceptional.

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Best Mahi Lure


#1. Kmucutie Mahi Lure Set – The best  mahi mahi trolling lure

When it comes to the best Mahi Lure, we highly recommend the Kmucutie Mahi Lure Set. This set comes with 6 lures in different colors and a nice handy little carrying case.

In terms of material, each lure has an acrylic head with lead weight inside and a PVC skirt.

The lines are rigged nicely with 100 lb and are 1.5mm in diameter and around 52 inches in length.

Overall, we would say that the construction is pretty solid and spot on as it enables you to fight large fish and is designed in a way to allow for perfect rotation.

Overall, we like the durability and quality and think it is quite easy to attach to your coast lock swivel. Also, the bag it comes in looks pretty nice and is easy to carry while fishing.

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#2. Magbay Lures Mahi Lure

Next up, we have the Magbay Lures Mahi Lure, which is the best Mahi lure in our opinion if you just want a single lure that works extremely well on Mahi as well as dorado or dolphin fish.

The standout feature is that it has an abalone shell head and a popping green tint, which seems to really work well with attracting Mahi.

Overall, we think that it is very well made and it just has a certain finesse underwater that the Mahi really loves. It is also incredibly durable and can pretty much be used for much longer than others.

Our one and only complaint is that it is a bit too expensive for what it is worth, but hey, we have all probably done dumber things with our money.

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#3. Ancient Mariner Tackle Mahi Lure – The best mahi mahi lures for trolling rigs

Another great choice when it comes to the best Mahi lure is the Ancient Mariner Tackle Mahi Lure. We find it a bit more reasonably priced than the Magbay Lures product, although it is still kind of pricey.

In terms of quality, we think that it is only slightly worse than Magbay Lures. The lure comes with an 8/0 hook that matches the lure. It is also stiff-rigged with inline beads and a hook protector.

We really like the artificial eyes, which are wobbly black eyes with reflective blue inserts that look pretty realistic when moving through the water. In our opinion, other brands can’t really come close to mimicking the quality of this Mahi lure.

The only issue is that it is still a bit expensive in our opinion, especially if you compare it to a set deal.

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#4. Bost 63 Flying Fish Tuna Mahi Daisy Chain – The best lures for mahi-mahi anglers

We think that the Bost 63 Flying Fish Daisy Chain is actually quite effective in catching Mahi. It contains 4 flyers rigged with 200lb mono.

Additionally, there is a Bost 63 Mahi snack rigged with a 6/0 Mustad style 7732 stainless steel hook. Overall, the quality is better than most of the other brands we’ve seen and better than Magbay/Ancient Mariner.

Out in the waters, this rig will outfish most of the other rigs out there. And it is quite easy to use and set up. Furthermore, durability is pretty great with this one and will outlast other rigs.

As with our previous recommendations, we think the Bost 63 is a bit pricey, but this time we think that it is completely justified. It is clearly made to outperform other Mahi lures at a premium price.

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#5. Boone Mahi Jet Rigged Bait – The mahi lures that catch

Lastly, we have the Boone Mahi Jet Rigged Bait, which is a super cheap option for catching and luring in Mahi. This lure makes a rattling sound that attracts a bunch of Mahi.

Also, it leaves a highly visible bubble trail, which also causes Mahi to follow the lure. While the quality is not anything to brag about, we think that it is good enough for most situations.

Despite the fact that the durability underwater is not that great and oftentimes it will break or get lost, we find that the Mahi really love it and will bite more often than other baits.

Just keep in mind that it is quite cheap so even if you lose one or if it breaks, you can easily replace it with another one without worrying about breaking the bank.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to your questions.

How do you attract mahi mahi?

Mahi mahi are a prized catch and an exciting target for any angler.

Whether you’re fishing from shore or out on the open sea, you can increase your odds of catching mahi mahi if you know how to attract them correctly.

Mahi mahi are aggressive fish that have fast metabolisms and will eat almost anything.

If you understand this, then you know that the key to attracting them is making sure they find what they’re looking for where you are fishing.

The best way is to troll lures with your boat in an area known to have mahi mahi. You already have the best lures described above, now you just need to find a local area to go out and fish mahi-mahi.

What is mahi-mahi favorite food fish and bait?

Mahi-mahi, also known as dolphinfish, is a type of ray-finned fish that live in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. These beautiful fish have become popular among seafood lovers due to their mild flavor and firm texture. But what do mahi-mahi actually eat?

A mahi-mahi’s favorite diet consists mainly of smaller flying fish, crabs, squid, mackerel, and other forage fish. They will also feed on zooplankton, which includes small organisms such as copepods, euphausids, and other tiny animals.

The size of the prey they hunt depends on the size of the mahi-mahi itself; larger individuals may even prey upon juvenile sea turtles!


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