Best Frozen Churros

#1. Trader Joe’s Baked Churro Bites

Trader Joe’s makes the best-frozen churros and the secret is they are not even frozen. That’s right, they are baked and ready to eat out of the box but end up tasting better than most of the frozen churros. They have this amazing sugar coating and beautiful texture which is perfectly soft and airy inside. I promise these are the only churros not frozen on this page.

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Best Frozen Churros

#1. Trader Joe’s Baked Churro Bites

If you want the best churros, you should be looking at these frozen churros trader joe’s. They make the best ones we’ve tested and the best part is they don’t even have to be heated! So yeah, while technically they are not “frozen” and actually found in the chips section, they are far from fried chips. They are baked and taste super fresh.

While they don’t have the soft oily crunch of a street stand churro, they are still downright delicious with a nice cinnamon brown sugar glaze that remains their super recipe. The inside is pretty soft and fluffy and sometimes it even tastes better than the frozen microwavable ones we have tried.

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#2. Tres Estrellas Flour Churro Mix | 2 Pack – Bundled with Ballard Churro Frozen Dessert Recipe Card

The Tres Estrellas Flour Churro Mix is another classic that can’t be avoided and are dangerously addictive. You can usually find them in the snack aisle of a grocery store. These are frozen churros and you’ll end up tasting one and then tasting another one till you’re completely full. You’ll need to do some work in defrosting them, but well worth it.

We like the fact that the flour is enriched with plenty of minerals such as thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, nicotinamide, ferrous fumarate, zinc oxide, folic acid. It definitely rivals any other churros we discuss here. Also, we find the texture of the churros itself to be quite authentic. It is hard on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside as if it was just cooked. Basically, these are what I would call the frozen churros for sale.

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#3. J and J Snack Tio Pepes Regular Churro

If you want the best frozen churros, J and J Snack makes some of the best in the industry and they called them Tio Pepe’s Frozen Churros. These are properly frozen churros that are made fresh and need to be defrosted before eating. These enchiladas are made with dark meat chicken, spinach, cheese, and a creamy poblano chili sauce. This sauce really does make this dish shine.

You can defrost them in the microwave or oven fry them up again on the stove. They are meant to be microwaved and don’t lose their firm texture even when nuked. What separates this brand from the rest of the frozen churros is that it remains soft and chewy instead of just rock hard and disgusting after microwaving them.

By the way, these are continuously being compared to the frozen churros smart and final. And I can confirm that they are the same (well almost, it’s just the branding that is different). Because you buying them only, it’s like you’ll have your frozen churros stop and shop without moving from your soffa.

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Tio Pepes Churros frozen food

#4. Tio Pepes Churro – 51 Percent Whole Grain Cinnamon, 44 Gram (Case of 100)

This is another J and J nice churros frozen food choice. These are for someone who really likes to eat something a little different. And the difference here is the Cinnamon. You’ll enjoy the churros if you like Cinnamon as they are filled with whole grain. So, this is the real thing, not some weird chemical Cinnamon taste.

You’ll need to do a bit of work though. You’ll have to cook them, but gladly you do not have to fill your hands with flour, etc. They are ready to be cooked and are waiting for you to show off your baking skills at home.

Obviously, they are pre-cooked to perfection and then frozen. You get 100 frozen churros per pack and each churro is a proper length.

When we tried these, we found out that the churros are very nice and sweet and had a soft airy texture inside with a good crunch on the outside. The Cinnamon is well balanced, but you’ll not be able to eat 100 of these in one go. So, they are quite good if you just want a couple of these now and again. if you want to buy frozen churros, and like cinnamon, then these are made for you.

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Goya Frozen Churros Pastry Snack

#5. Goya Churros Pastry Snack

Here comes the Goya Frozen Churros Pastry Snack is a nice way to enjoy churros without having to do a thing. They are not frozen so you do not have to worry about the impact of delivery and in which state they’ll arrive home for the delivery company. These churros are pre-cooked and ready to eat outright of the box (or the pack).

I like the fact that they are made into small rings instead of having a stick-like look. All this means is they are better made for snacks.

And if you don’t like your churros so sweet or loaded with tons of sugar, these Goya treats are perfect. Also, the inside is nice and chewy without being dry or hard (I hate the dried ones. I also dislike when they are too hard). We can’t tell you how many other churros we have tried that are just way too hard or dry.

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Verdict on the best frozen churros

All of the above churros are really nice. They are even better than the “frozen churros near me” so to speak because you can order them online and they come to you. The only issue that we found when we wrote this churros review is that we could not find really good mini churros frozen to our liking.



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