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Kuumba Made Egyptian Musk Oil

Featured: Kuumba Made Egyptian Musk Oil

We think the best Egyptian musk oil is made by Kuumba Made.

This musk oil is premium quality with a roll-on applicator. Also, it has a nice floral woody musk scent with a hint of sweetness. It is not loud or sharp and will last all day. To skip to the review below, click here.

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Why Use Egyptian Musk Oil?

If you are interested in a very special type of perfume or fragrance oil used by the ancient Egyptians, you may be interested in the best Egyptian musk body oil. Musk fragrance is a perfumed compound that is taken from the Musk deer and their musk pods and has a bit of a sharp woody pleasant fragrance.

It can be used for many purposes including helping you stay and smell good all day.

The nice smell coming from the Quality Egyptian Musk Scent helps you relieve stress and anxiety, and calms the mind, as well as general household products such as soap, lotion, body cream, hand sanitizer, and night cream.

You can also place it in a vaporizer to have it diffuse in your room and fill the air with a pleasant fragrance.

Finally, you can even place it in the laundry to treat infections and in aromatherapy. Of course, that type of musk oil and its formulation is long gone, but today’s Egyptian musk oil is a great approximation of the formulation.

The ancient Egyptians most likely used a combination of natural musk, rose, myrrh, and some other natural ingredients. These days musk is most likely synthesized or come from plant sources.

They also can contain some base oil such as rapeseed oil and other essential oils and other aromas. Because it contains a lot of essential oils, it is very costly and the process of making it is quite complex.

The musk oil scent will be something that doesn’t react negatively with your skin and smell nice. It can be applied liberally to your skin and also acts as a powerful deodorant. We like that it can also be a slow-release perfume as the smell lasts a while.

The Best Egyptian Musk Oil Reviews

Below provide a review of the 5 Top Egyptian oil musk you can find on the market.

#1. Kuumba Made Best Egyptian Musk Oil

We think Kuumba Made produces some of the best Egyptian musk oil in the industry. This is a really nice roll-on rollerball top musk oil with a really nice scent.

Also, it is a nice fragrance for both men and women and features a noticeable floral woody musk scent. Furthermore, we would go as far as to say that it is very long-lasting.

We like the fact that it has soft silage and that it has a nice balance of clean and musky with some sweetness.

It is not as sweet as Kuumba’s Vanilla Musk but also not like an animal musk. However, it is definitely not loud, sharp, or very strong so if you want that you will have to look elsewhere.

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#2. Abdul Kareem Egyptian Musk Oil Fragrance

The Abdul Kareem Egyptian Musk Oil is the best Egyptian musk oil for those who want to wear the same scent as Carolyn Bessette, JFK Junior’s Wife.

Keep in mind that this is not a thick heavily scented oil and is not a roll-on. It contains no alcohol or water, so the scent is quite long-lasting.

We would classify the scent as both light and exotic, with a subtle but lingering fragrance.

This musk oil is meant to be applied to your pulse points on the skin right after a bath when your pores have opened up.

We really like the fact that the scent is quite subtle and not overpowering. If you want a pleasant scent that does not smell too strong, this is the one for you.

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ADSM Beverly Hills Egyptian Musk Oil

#3. ADSM Beverly Hills Egyptian Musk Oil Perfume

We think the ASDM Beverly Hills makes the best Egyptian musk oil if you want a clean, fresh sweet scent. This musk oil is great for both men and women and is alcohol-free.

It contains an easy-to-apply roll-on applicator and all you need to do is just use a few dabs.

Keep in mind that the ASDM Beverly Hills is a perfume that will not evaporate or deteriorate over time, so you can feel free to open it and store it for a long time.

Overall, the scent is pretty amazing and it feels really good on the skin. Just be aware that if you are looking for more of a fruity floral feminine scent, this is probably not the right one for you.

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#4. Zoha Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil Mist

If you are in the market for the best Egyptian musk oil, the Zoha Musk Oil is a great option. This fragrance has a rich musk scent with precious wood blends and a dash of florals.

It has this unique woody smell with some earthy aromas and an air of lightness and delicacy. We really like the fact that it is long-lasting and won’t just wear off after a few hours.

Since it comes in a nice and convenient spray bottle form, you can either spray it on your clothes or rub it on your body, behind your ears, elbows, joints, and knees.

This musk oil is available online and in many chain retail stores.

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zaja egyptian musk oil

#5. Zaja Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil

The Zaja Egyptian Musk Oil is a great little fragrance with a little note of roses and patchouli as well as a clean woody dry down.

It comes in a nice roll-on form and is small enough for you to travel with it. Also, we like the fact that it is alcohol-free, so it won’t dry out or evaporate.

This musk oil is easy to apply as all you need to do is lightly dab 2 or 3 times on your wrist and pulse points. We really like the scent and find it nice and not too overpowering.

With a few dabs, you can ensure that the scent lasts pretty much all day. Overall, this is a great little Egyptian musk oil with great value and performance.

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What Exactly is Deer Musk?

deer musk podsIn the old days before you were born, the original Egyptian musk oil was made from deer musk and more specifically from the caudal glands of male musk deers.

This gland is often called the musk pod and deer musk itself is kind of a dark purple color that is also very smooth and dry. It is quite oily and greasy and it also tastes pretty bitter.

Deer musk is really rare substance that has a very unique scent that is used in many perfumes today, mostly because the scent lingers for long periods of time in the most volume of air possible.

It is actually quite a mysterious substance to many scientists, who have failed to manufacture a synthetic remake of it.

To process deer musk, one must first obtain it from mature musk deers. And good luck trying to get it in large quantities as the deer have been protected for decades and put on quite a few endangered lists.

In other words, it is rare and expensive. You then have to process the deer musk by soaking it in alcohol for months up to years at a time.

Luckily, the chemical compound muscone can be obtained by farming musk deers sustainably and bred responsibly. And these days synthetic compounds are sort of close to replicating the real thing, although it is not quite there yet.

What is exactly in Egyptian Musk Oil?

Unfortunately, the short answer is nobody really knows. Pure deer musk is pretty expensive these days but luckily you can sort of get the same musky woody scented properties from other animals and synthetic means, although the scent just isn’t quite the same and doesn’t linger for crazy long periods of time.

The Different Grades of Egyptian Musk Oil

In general, Egyptian musk oil is used to create all sorts of perfumes, mists, body lotions, candles, and even soaps. It can be stored for a really long time if properly sealed and kept out of direct sunlight.

Musk oil can come in three different grades: premium grade, manufacturer grade, and body oil grade.

Premium musk oil is normally extremely fragrant and is quite skin safe. They are mainly used to make other things like cold-pressed soaps, soap bases, candle waxes like soy wax, sea salts, incense sticks, and all sorts of other bath products.

Manufacturer-grade Egyptian musk oil is generally a bit less quality than premium musk oil and cannot be directly applied to the skin. Also, you can’t make soy wax candles out of them and they don’t last as long as the premium-grade musk oils.

Finally, there are body oils that are only intended to be used on your body. They are definitely skin safe, but they are not meant to be used to make other bath products, incense, or soaps.

The Various Uses of Egyptian Musk Oil

deer musk oil podsMusk oil can be used in a variety of different ways.

The most common one is to just use it as a body lotion and place a few drops of it on your fingers and rub it onto your skin. This should add some extra scent and moisture to your skin.

Next, you can just use the oil as a sort of vapor rub for your nose. Just rub a few drops on and around your nose when you have a cold or a stuffy nose and the added scent should help you breathe better.

You can also use it as a body massage oil and rub it over aching joints and muscles.

Many massage therapists will use premium-grade Egyptian musk oil as a type of massage oil for the body as well as for the scalp and face. This means that you can also apply some on your face and scalp to deal with headaches and migraines.

Finally, you can use Egyptian musk oil as a generic fragrance and perfume. Just pour a few drops on your clothes or body and the scent should linger for the entire day without rubbing off.

How To Find the Right Egyptian Musk Oil For You

On the surface, there is clearly a multitude of factors that go into making a purchase decision when it comes to the best Egyptian musk oil. But to make it really simple for you, just find the musk oil with a scent that you really like. That’s it, it’s that simple!

Of course, if you want to dive a little deeper, make sure that the musk oil isn’t too oily. Also, check that it won’t clog your pores or be too strong of a scent.

Also, make sure that it doesn’t include too many artificial ingredients and synthetic scents. The more natural scents it has, the more authentic it will be and the scent will usually last longer.

It is hard to filter through all of the Egyptian musk oils out there as there are quite a lot of fake products marketed as musk oil that don’t really contain anything real deer musk or anything natural for that matter.

Some people like the scent of synthetics, but just be aware of what you are getting into before you go down this path.

Final words

The five different Egyptian musk oils described above are all great for different reasons. Kuumba Made has a strong, long-lasting scent that is perfect for those who want to make a statement. Abdul Kareem has a light, refreshing scent that is perfect for those who want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. ADSM Beverly Hills has a luxurious, expensive scent that is perfect for those who want to feel confident and powerful ;).

Finally, both the Zoha and Zaja Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil Mists are great options for anyone looking for a long-lasting, intense musk scent. They are both made with high-quality ingredients and are reasonably priced. Which one you choose is ultimately up to personal preference.





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