Best dolphin lure – The best trolling lures

When it comes to offshore fishing, having the best lures on the market is essential.

Whether you prefer trolling or casting, finding the right lure can be a daunting task.

But when it comes to fishing for dolphins, there are some lures that stand out above the rest.

Jaw lures are among the top choices for anglers looking to land big fish like dolphins and tuna.

In this article, we will discuss the best dolphin lure and how they can help you catch fish like no other bait can.

#1. Bost Lures Dolphin Trolling Lure Pack – A great Lure for Mahi Mahi & Tuna

For those who are looking for the best dolphin lure, we have to give it to the Bost Lures Dolphin Trolling Lure Pack.

This pack is very professionally made and includes some of the highest-quality lures in the industry.

They look quite nice and definitely do not break, chip, or crack under pressure or stress.

The only thing is that it is an expensive pack, but you are definitely investing in a high-end set of lures.

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Do I really need the best lures to catch dolphins?

Yes, and this is highly relevant if you’re fishing for dolphins in an area with more aggressive species like blackfin tuna. In this case, then using a good quality chugger lure may be your best bet.

On the other hand, if you’re targeting a less active variety of dolphins like mahi-mahi or yellowfin tuna, then lures that look like live baits will generally work better.

What we usually would do is invest some time to perform a bit of research about where we are planning to fish. We can tell you that it does pay to do this research. You need to understand the local waters and what type of lures will be most effective for catching certain types of dolphins.

Overall, you need the best lures to catch your fish, but you also need to know the area and what does attract these. Below you’ll find the most common lures that you can use in pretty much all waters. You’re safe with these as we have tried them and they performed brilliantly.

Best Dolphin Lure


#1. Bost Lures Dolphin Trolling Lure Pack – Best lures for mahi-mahi

If you want the best dolphin lure, we highly recommend that you check out the Bost Lures Dolphin Trolling Lure Pack.

These lures are made from unbreakable urethane resin which makes them extra tough underwater.

In terms of design, each lure’s head contains a beautiful abalone shell that also does not break, crack, chip, or discolor. These lures are 8-9 inches and are professionally rigged with a 200pd test line. They also have a chugger head look alike.

Additionally, these lures go through a pretty unique molding process that requires no extra polishing after molding.

This makes sure all the lures will be consistent and run the same all the time.

Overall, these lures are super high quality and can definitely survive a beating in the water. They also look quite nice, which is a nice little bonus.

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#2. Boone Dolphin Rig Kit Fishing Lure Bait – One of the best mahi lures

Next, we have the Boone Dolphin Rig Kit, which is the best dolphin lure if you are going for a fairly cheap way to get 6 dolphin rigs that are rigged and ready to go.

You also get a 6-pocket lure bag.

While there’s probably not much to really write home about, what we can say is that this kit overall has some pretty good quality and the lures are made well enough to withstand a lot.

Overall, the fish generally love these dolphin rigs and can’t seem to get enough.

We find that each rig has pretty good durability and can hold up underwater for a decent amount of time.

More importantly, we find tremendous value in this dolphin rig set and think that it works better for amateurs to intermediates who don’t want to invest too much and see great results.

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#3. Kmucutie 6.5 inches 6 pcs trolling lure dolphin Mahi-Mahi – Great value for the pack

The Kmucutie 6.5 inch 6 pcs trolling lure for marlin, tuna, Mahi, and dolphin is great for those who just want a set of lures. Note that this

It is meant to attract big billfish and trolled out of the white water.

Since it is a teaser bait, it should really be placed about 10 feet in front of any baits or lures used. We suggest that you rig it with heavy mono and ball-bearing swivel.

We are pleasantly surprised by the performance of these lures.

They are crazy durable underwater and have the perfect balance of weight and maneuverability.

Although this dolphin lures set is quite expensive, we think that it is well worth it in value as you are getting an indestructible dolphin lure that outperforms the others.

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#4. MagBay Lures Dolphin Mahi Lure Set Pro

MagBay Lures Dolphin Lure Set ProWe think that the MagBay Lures Set is the best dolphin lure if you want a professionally rigged and ready set of lures for when it counts the most.

We will be perfectly honest, this set of lures is definitely not for everybody. First of all, it is pretty expensive, so the average weekend warrior probably can’t even afford it.

Second, it is designed for people who really know what they are doing.

Each lure is fully rigged with 150 lbs mono leader and 8/0 hook sets. In terms of lure types, you get two currican Mazatlan, a Baja boomer, mini meat, Mahi morsel, and a currican Cabo.

Overall, everything is top quality but like anything nice you have to pay for it.

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#5. Ocean Cat Dolphin Rig Set – Great mahi trolling lures

Lastly, we have the Ocean Cat Dolphin Rig Set, which is designed for those who want a lot of choices. This set comes with 10 lures that are nicely rigged for your convenience.

Overall, we would say the lures and somewhere on the cheaper side of things.

The quality and build just don’t seem as great as some of the other brands we recommended above.

That being said, we are certainly not saying that it is not worth it to buy the Ocean Cat set. We are just saying that you should go into it with low expectations.

The real value here is that you are getting a ton of dolphin lures here at a cheap price.

And the quality and performance are good enough to where they should be acceptable for most people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fake bait trolling lures to catch dolphin fish?

When looking for dolphin fish, one of the best lures to use is the chugger head. The chugger head has a distinct wobble that attracts attention from the fish and makes them want to strike.

This lure also creates a lot of noise in the water which further entices dolphins to bite.

When using a chugger head, anglers can choose from different sizes and colors so they can customize their search for dolphin fish based on what is working best at that time.

Another type of lure that works well for catching dolphin fish is jigs. Jigs come in various sizes and weights and can be used with either live bait or artificial bait depending on what kind of fishing experience you prefer.

How fast do you troll for catching dolphins?

Trolling is one of the most efficient and effective ways to catch dolphins for recreational fishermen.

It’s a technique that involves dragging baited lines behind a boat at slow speeds, allowing anglers to cover more water in search of their target species. And the speed at which you are trolling is critical so that you can catch your chosen fish.

Obviously, the speed at which you troll should always depend on the conditions of the day and the area you are fishing in.

On days with light winds and calm seas, trolling speeds can be kept relatively low while still producing results. We usually troll at around 6 knots to catch dolphins.

In rougher weather, however, trolling speeds need to be increased as bait fish may move faster due to choppy waves.

Generally speaking, slower trolling speed will result in deeper running lures, while faster speeds will keep lures higher up in the water column where feeding dolphins may be located.

Where are the best locations for mahi-mahi fishing in the world?

Mahi-mahi can be found in tropical and subtropical waters, making it accessible to many fishing enthusiasts. But some locations offer prime conditions for mahi-mahi fishing, with far better catches than others.

These are:

  • Florida Keys
  • The Atlantic Coast of Florida
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Hawaii
  • Baha California

Fishermen looking for their next big catch should consider the Pacific Islands of Hawaii and Tahiti as two of the best destinations for mahi-mahi fishing.

The warm, clean waters off the coasts of these islands are full of schools of this prized species, offering plenty of action with every ccatch.

Florida’s Gulf Coast also provides excellent opportunities to land a trophy mahi-mahi, as do some areas near Mexico and Cuba. 

What is the best season to fish mahi mahi?

To be clear, there’s no such season. You can fish mahi mahi around the year. However, most fishermen prefer to fish them from April to September in northern locations.

In southern locations, you can add an extra month, and start fishing from April to October.


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