Best Salmon Landing Net

When you are out there fishing for salmon, it’s highly important that you’ve got the best and most suitable landing net. The difficulty is to find that net that will make you happy and satisfied whenever you go out in the wild. Basically, there are thousands of these and it’s hard to filter through each and every net. That’s why I put together a list of 5 of the best steelhead nets for you to catch salmon safely.

Why do you need a good salmon fishing net?

A salmon fishnet is a very important and integral part of a fishing trip. After all the hard work, it is the small part of the jigsaw that will either allow you to keep the fish or allow them to swim away and escape. And am sure you’d rather catch the salmon than leave it to go away easily because you do not have the appropriate gear.

The 5 best salmon landing nets on the market

Below is a quick summary of the best kit you’ll find in terms of nets. We have carefully looked at what was available and selected some of the best salmon net brands you can find.

#1. Frabill 8425 Power Catch Salmon Landing Net

If you are interested in the best salmon landing net, the Frabill 8425 Power Catch Salmon Landing Net is definitely a very nice choice. It is a great professional-grade net that obviously has great build quality, construction, and is very easy to use. It is just noticeably better than generic nets out there in terms of handling, balance, weight, and all the little details. It will last longer as long as you are willing to pay that initial premium price, but with the premium price, you’ll surely be happy with the quality and enjoy fishing.

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Best Salmon Landing Net

#1. Frabill 8425 Power Catch Salmon Landing Net

The Frabil 8425 Power Catch is certainly quite the catch when it comes to the best salmon landing net. We consider it one of the better landing nets out there for walleye because of its overall ease of use. First of all, Frabil has been in this game before you were even born and definitely knows how to make great landing nets. Every little detail and angle is meticulously planned out and no corners were cut.

Overall, we say that this fish net does a great job of not strangling your walleye as the webbing is definitely not overkilled. The plastic dipping material is alright and not overly thick, yet still very durable. It is obviously collapsible and very easy to do the entire process in a few seconds. The handle and hoop are all made of nice materials that will last longer than other brands.

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#2. Cumings Salmon/Steelhead Net

Next up, we have the Cumings Salmon Net, which is of course specifically designed for salmon. It is the best salmon landing net in our opinion if you are looking for a bargain. We will go ahead and just say this right now, no it is not the best quality net you can find and it is nowhere close to the best quality. For that, please check out the above product Frabill 8425 fish net.

We can say about the Cumings Salmon Net because it is durable enough for most people to handle and has enough room to handle multiple salmon without choking them or cutting the netting. Sure some minor details are a bit annoying and it is a bit heavy (but it strong) and not really compact (does not do any harm), but it is cheap enough to where we can’t really complain about the price to quality.

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#3. Ego Large Landing Net

Next, we have the Ego Large Landing Net, which is the best salmon landing net for those who really just need something dirt cheap and functional without really dipping into junk territory. It features some pretty good non-tangle nylon mesh that seems sturdy enough for most situations although sure it will break and rip now and then. If that happens, just get a new one since these are so cheap.

The real appeal of these nets is that they are fishing nets that serve their purpose. No, they are nowhere near the quality of those pro nets, but the Ego Landing net doesn’t try to compete here. Also, it is nice to know that these nets float, so you don’t have to worry about trying to chase after a sinking net if you accidentally drop it.

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StowMaster TS94IM Tournament Salmon Net

#4. StowMaster TS94IM Tournament Salmon Net

With the StowMaster TS94IM, you are clearly dipping into a professional-grade salmon net. If you just feel and hold this thing, you will immediately be able to tell a huge difference in quality. What we really like about the StowMaster brand that others just can’t seem to replicate is the fact that it just folds up very nicely and easily. Other nets fold up as well, but StowMaster does it better.

The material is certainly top-notch and made from crazy aircraft-grade aluminum, making it both light and extremely durable. It has a lifetime warranty against breakage. If you have a lot of money to spend and just want the absolute best possible net for landing salmon, this is it. Whether or not it is worth it is a different story, as after all a net is just a net.

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Kufa Sports Salmon Landing Net

#5. Kufa Sports Salmon Landing Net

Lastly, we have the Kufa Sports Salmon Landing Net, which is a great little retractable salmon landing net that is quite affordable for normal people. There is nothing extraordinary about this landing net in our opinion other than the price. We like the fact that it is also retractable, which is not really an option with some of the cheaper ones.

The rubberized mesh is actually surprisingly great quality and the retracting mechanism actually works quite easily without you using too much force and whatnot. Overall, the net seems pretty durable as far as we can tell and it is certainly a bargain if you just want a normal landing fish net that is not pro-grade.

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