Best Devil Sticks

What is Devil Sticks?

Best Devil Sticks also defined as Best Devil Stixx (there’s a trademark for this now and I provided a review about these below) are simply batons that are used to play some form of equilibrium. You can see many equilibristics and jugglers using these on the streets. It is quite difficult to explain in words, but they are people that manipulate devil sticks (devil stixx) to entertain audiences.

It is a form of gyroscopic juggling or equilibristics​, consisting of manipulating one stick (“baton”, ‘center stick’) between one or two other sticks. Two sticks are held one in each hand and a third one is being sent between these two. You’ll find them discussed in the literature using the following: devil-sticksdevilsticks, Devil Stixx (trademark apply), flower sticksgravity sticks, or juggling sticks. The below picture illustrates a set of devil stixx (photo accredited in the references below.

Below I provide some of the best Devil stixx / stick reviews for your perusal.

#1. Blue Majestix Devil Sticks

When it comes to the best devil sticks, the first thing that pops in our head is the Blue Majestix Devil Sticks. These juggling sticks have the best weight distribution out of all the other brands that we’ve seen and truly do a great job in performing tricks. They also hold up well in the long run and don’t fade too much over time. It is certainly the most popular set of devil sticks for a good reason – quality at an affordable price.

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Best Devil Sticks

#1. Blue Majestix Devil Sticks

The Blue Majestix Devil Sticks are probably some of the most popular sets of juggling sticks on the market. We think they are the best devil sticks because they have great balance and weight. Out of all the juggling sticks that we tried out, we found these to have the best weight distribution, which is perfectly optimized for beginners as well as pros to enjoy them.

There is also a full rubber grip, which covers basically all of the sticks and handles. This rubber gives you an extremely good grip as well as lets you perform tricks with ease. Overall, when you touch these sticks and play around with them, you will feel the quality. They have a nice color that doesn’t fade over time and an instruction book for beginners.

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#2. Jolly Lama Green Juggling Sticks

Next, we recommend the Jolly Lama Green Juggling Sticks, which are the best devil sticks for beginners. They are fairly lightweight and great for beginners to play around with without getting tired. We really like the fact that these juggling sticks have a full, rubber grip which covers both the flip and grip sticks. It is made in the USA and best for beginners under 10 years old.

Since it is a bit shorter, skinnier, and lighter than the rest of the devil sticks, your child should have no problem flipping the sticks with ease without dropping them. Furthermore, the entire set is made very durable so your kids can feel free to slam them or drop them without incurring significant damage. The marine-grade vinyl tassels are also a nice finishing touch.

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#3. Flames N Games Glow Devil Stick Set

The Flames N Games Glow Devil Stick Set is the best devil stick if you are looking for a glow-in-the-dark set of juggling sticks that will last a long time. And it comes in a nice carrying case for portability. The standout feature of being glow in the dark is a nice little gimmick and really brings out the crowd at night. However, it is also its downfall as it makes the sticks somewhat unbalanced and unstable.

If you are an amateur and don’t know how to handle the weight distribution, you are probably much better off with another brand. In terms of glow, these sticks will last about 12 hours undercharged under a light source for 10 minutes, which is a crazy amount of time. It is also incredibly bright and even glows during the day.

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#4. Funn & Frolic Devil Stixx

Another great set of devil sticks is the Funn & Frolic Devil Stixx set. These juggling sticks are meant for jugglers with a little bit of experience as they have very little traction. Additionally, they are quite heavy, which makes them a lot more difficult to handle for long periods of time. They certainly take a lot more effort to use than other brands out there.

However, the trade-off is you get an incredibly fast set of sticks that when mastered can be used to perform crazy tricks and impress a crowd. They also have a nice collision sound, which is a nice bonus. And finally, we think that these sticks are pretty good to just look at and have a nice interesting color pattern. It also has a pretty good build quality and will last a lifetime.

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#5. Flowtoys Composite Flower Sticks

Lastly, we have the Flowtoy Composite Flower Sticks, which is designed for those who have a lot of money to spend on a great set of juggling sticks. It features a multi-colored LED at the end, which is nice. The LED is rechargeable through a micro USB cable and has crazy long battery life. And the charge time is pretty negligible as well. Overall, others say that these sticks have very good weight and balance.

They are designed for people of all skill levels and have a nice silicone grip that won’t slip out. Also, rest assured about breaking it as there’s a comprehensive lifetime warranty. All in all, we say these are very durable sticks, but they may not be worth the crazy price tag unless you are very serious about juggling sticks. And the LED lights can definitely take a good beating.

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Why are they called devil sticks / devil stixx?

This is more of a history lesson. The devilstick is believed to have originated from China. It was imported to the west at the beginning of the 19th century. The devilstick is more than 200 years old (as per the current documents), but many believe it existed long before.

When the Europeans brought the stick to the west, they decided to translate the meaning of back and forth – the stick goes back and forth between two other sticks – from the greek: diaballo to the English word ‘devil stick’. That’s it.

What’s the difference between flower sticks and devil sticks?

Devil sticks are of the same concept when compared to flower sticks. The only difference is that Devil sticks do not have tassels at the end of the stick. Usually, the tassels slow down the speed at which the stick moves. So, if you are learning how to play devil stixx, then you better get flower sticks first. When you get better at these, you can move on to play with devil sticks.


Finlay McWalter at en.wikipedia – Own work by the original uploader Photo taken by Finlay McWalter on The Mound in EdinburghScotland, on 7th August 2004 at 2.30pm, on the plaza between the National Gallery of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Academy Building near the Playfair Steps.


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