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best convection microwave

Sharp R-930AK Convection Microwave

If you want the best convection microwave for the best value, you should get the Sharp R-930AK. The R-930AK has an interactive lcd display, 10 variable power level, popcorn and reheat sensor, smart and easy senor, and a computer to automatically detect roasting and baking times and temperatures.


best convection microwaveWould you like to be able to heat up a pizza in the microwave and have it turn out to be perfectly cook with a golden brown and crispy crust? If so, you should seriously consider buying the best convection microwave. A convection microwave is a standard microwave and a convection oven in one unit. When it was first introduced years ago, it was quite a pricy item because of its dual functions. However, in the present the price has been brought down so that everyone can now afford one.

Let’s go over the two kitchen appliances briefly.  A microwave simply heats up food using non-ionizing radiation. This energy is absorbed by the molecules inside of food, in particular water molecules. The molecules start to bounce around after absorbing energy from the microwaves and it is this internal dancing of molecules that creates friction and heat. The heat will heat up your food rapidly. A convection oven is simply a traditional oven but without exposed heating elements. With the help of strong fans, the heat generated inside the oven is circulated which in turns bakes your food evenly. Compared to the still air inside conventional ovens, the constantly circulating hot air in convection ovens cooks your food more rapidly.

The best convection ovens often have three power settings: microwave only, convection oven only, or a mix of the two. You should normally use the microwave only setting if you want to heat up something fast. This is ideal to reheat food from the fridge or popcorn. You should use the convection oven only setting when you want to bake something or make something brown and crisp. This is particularly useful when trying to brown the skin of chicken or make a pizza’s crust crisp. Also, convection ovens cook your food more evenly, preventing cold spots which can occur in a traditional microwave. Just be aware that convection ovens take much longer to heat up food than microwaves.  Often times, you want to use the microwave only option first to quickly cook your food or defrost it. When it is nearly done, you want to change the setting to convection oven only, which will bake, brown, or crisp your food. Doing so will also make sure there are no cold spots on your food.

Best Convection Microwave Reviews

Sharp R-930AK 1.5 Cubic Feet 900-Watt Convection Microwave

best convection microwaveIf you want the best convection microwave for the best value, you should get the Sharp R-930AK. Sharp makes a variety of convection microwaves with four different size ranges: compact (0.7 -0.9 cubic ft), mid size (1.0 – 1.2 cubic ft),family sized (1.3 – 1.8 cubic ft), full-size (1.9-2.2). We will be focusing on the mid range to family sized convection microwaves because these are the most popular sizes. Whatever you do, don’t get the R-930 predecessor, the Sharp R-830BS. We have to say, it is not really a true convection microwave because the heat does not circulate well and the fan is weak.

Also, the heating unit on the R-830BS is placed just below the turntable, which is too close to the food and turns the turntable into a heat plate. Remember, convection oven works via indirect heating and the food should not really be touching the heat source. The Sharp R-930 has many improvements over the faulty R-830BS model. First and foremost, it places the heating element behind the back of the inside space instead of directly, so that only indirect heat gets circulated, as a convection oven should be doing. The R-930AK also has all of the typical settings found on a modern day convection microwave: it has an interactive lcd display, 10 variable power level, popcorn and reheat sensor, smart and easy senor, and a computer to automatically detect roasting and baking times and temperatures.

You can switch between traditional microwave mode to 4 different convection modes for browning, baking, broiling, and crisping your food. All in all, this is the best convection microwave if you want an entry level product that does a good job as both a microwave and convection oven for the price point. Of course you can always go bigger and more power, but that involves doubling the price at least.


Samsung MC11H6033CT 1.1 Cubic Feet Countertop Convection Microwave

best convection microwaveThe Samsung MC11H6033CT is the best convection microwave for those looking for a microwave with simple straightforward settings. While other convection microwaves are loaded with all sorts of buttons and features, Samsung realized that most people don’t have a need for these extra features. Think of it like an iphone: simple and elegant. Like apps on the iphone, there are only ten buttons on the Samsung MC11H6033CT: Slim Fry, popcorn, defrost, auto reheat/cook, convection, fast preheat, grill, microwave + convection, microwave only, microwave + grill.

We like how the Samsung convection microwave auto detects heat temperatures and cook times. You don’t have to dial or estimate the settings. There’s not even a choice! You just have to trust the internal calculator. We also like the Slim Fry Setting: it helps you make fried foods without the use of oil by circulating hot air in a way to product crispy yet healthy meals. This is a technology exclusive to Samsung and we really like this proprietary technology because it really does make reheating fries or onion rings simple and delicious.

Also we like the grill feature, which uses a chrome metal riser ad allows you to grill meats to make nice steaks and burgers. In terms of durability and cleaning, the ceramic interior is easy to clean and scratch/stain resistant.  Overall, this is the best convection microwave if you want a simple and cost efficient convection microwave with some innovative features.


GE PVM9179SFSS 1.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

best convection microwaveIf you want a full sized microwave + convection oven, you should definitely look into the GE 1.7 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Over the Range Convection Microwave. This 1.7 cubic feet convection microwave fits over the top of your range and is near the top end of microwave sizes. And as the name implies, it is both a microwave and a convection oven.  The convection oven is actually three ovens in one. It has traditional convection cooking, fast baking, and warming oven.

The fast bake uses both the microwave and convection heat to speed up cooking times up to 25%. The warming oven simply keeps food hot by creating a consistent low heat environment for your food. The GE convection microwave also has sensors for calculating cooking controls and settings. It has 1000 watts of power and 10 power levels. And best of all, with the stainless steel design, it looks beautiful in your kitchen not to mention it cooks food fast and efficiently. For those who want an integrated state of the art convection microwave, look no further: get the GE Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave.



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