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best cat brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is the best cat brush if you want a durable brush with retracting bristles so that you can clean it easily. With a push of a button, the bristles retract so you don’t have to spend time picking off the hairs. It is a well built tool and has a comfortable handle that is flexible.


best cat brushIf you have a cat with medium to long hair, chances are you are looking for the best cat brush. Cats will inevitably shed fur and if you don’t brush your cat regularly, its fur can get everywhere in your house. Having a good cat brush is essential to proper care of your cat.

It is definitely worth it to go the distance and pick out the best cat brush because it helps you groom your cat while making it easier on your life. Brushing your cat’s fur regularly will maintain its beauty and avoids complicated knots as well as preventing uncontrolled hair loss. It will also make the fur more fluffy and give it more volume. Also you can get rid of fleas, ticks, and other skin diseases when you are combing through your cat’s fur.

Finally, you can prevent your cat from ingesting its own hair when it is cleaning itself. In general, you should be grooming your cat once a week if your cat has short hair and once every day or two if your cat has medium to long hair. There are quite a few cat brushes out there in the market and if you don’t know what you are doing you could be using the wrong brush. The type of cat brush you should be using really depends on the type of hair your cat has. With shorter hair, you can just use a fine tooth metal comb. With long hair, you need a combination of a slicker brush to detangle fur, a metal comb, and a natural bristle brush. We have put together a buying guide below to help you better understand the choices you need to make when shopping for a cat brush.

Best Cat Brush Reviews

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

best cat brushIf you are looking for the best car brush that has retracting bristles, the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is the way to go.  These bristles are long enough to suite cats with medium to long hair and works great to help remove loose and tangled hair. This brush can also be used to help scratch your cat if it is itchy and to help remove ticks, bugs, and dead skin.

Best of all, it is extremely easy to remove clean up as you don’t have to spend time with your hands picking off the hair from the bristles. With a click of a button, the bristles self-retract and leaves you with all of the hair on the surface of the brush. You can just simply dump that hair into a trash can and start with a fresh brush again. The handles on this slicker brush is made nice and strong enough to withstand some bending. It is both durable and comfortable, and definitely helps out with ease pressure off of your wrist. There is even a spot to place your thumbs in order to get maximum leverage. If we were to pick one brush to rule them all, the Hertzko Selkf Cleaning Slicker Brush would be it. It is the best cat brush if you want a tool that helps you seamlessly groom your cat.


Pet Your Pet Grooming Mitt

best cat brushIf you want the best cat brush that is in the form of a mitten, the Pat your Pet Grooming Glove is the right product for you. We product is basically a mitten that you can wear with grooming bristles on the palms. Although it is designed for grooming cats with short hair, you can certainly use it for cats of all hair lengths. The bristles are made of flexible rubber and works great to remove loose cat hair and knots.

Your cat will love it as the mitten offers more flexibility and control over the grooming. It really helps put pressure on your cat and in a way also massages them. And we find that you get less tired of grooming your cat with the mitt rather than a traditional cat brush that is attached to a handle.

The mitt fits with the small contours of your palms and lets you add more pressure in certain areas when needed. This extra control really makes a difference when your cat is fussy about getting groomed. Unfortunately, there is no self-retracting mechanism for the bristles, but the bristles are short enough so that your cat’s fur should slide right off anyways. And most importantly, a grooming mitt really helps you get more intimate with your cat, as a grooming brush feels a little too impersonal, like you are brushing a toy or something.


Miu Pet Deshedding Tool

best cat brushIf you like variety and versatility, the Miu Pet Deshedding Tool maybe the best cat brush for you. This is a classic handle brush that comes in three different sized combs so you can change them out depending on the hair length of your cat. This comb is shaped like a razor and does a really great job in reducing loose hair and shedding. Unfortunately, the bristles on the comb do not automatically retract, so you have to work at it a bit to dump away the hair and fur after you have removed it.

However, there is a nice safety cover you can put over the comb to protect it from degrading as well as your pets and children from harming themselves with it. We are not going to lie, these bristles are made of metal and quite strong and sharp, so you need to exercise some caution when operating this device. We can definitely say that it works and performs much better than most of the competition on the market. We really like the fact that you have three comb sizes to choose from, so you will never be in a situation where your brush doesn’t fit.  The entire unit is made of solid construction and doesn’t feel cheap at all.


Best Cat Brush Buying Guide

best cat brushFor those of us who have cats around the house, we all know how annoying it can be to have your cat’s hair all over the house and over your furniture or cat tree. Cats shed hair everyday has old skin cells are replaced by newly formed ones. Luckily, with the best cat brush, you can gather this loose hair before it gets everywhere around your house.

The type of cat brush you need to get for your cat depends on the type of hair your cat has. There are some brushes that are better built for grooming and combing through hair to make it look better while there are other cat brushes better suited for gathering loose hair. Please see below for a detailed buying guide.

Cat Tongue Brush: These brushes make you look like a cat and really aids in the personal interaction between you and your cat. It works by inserting a mouthpiece in yourself that has a brush piece that extends out. You just use a licking motion to groom your cat just like how another cat would groom your cat. These brushes are usually made with rubber nubbed bristles and are a fun way to spend time with your cat.

Cat Brush Glove: Brush gloves offer you the ultimate control over grooming your cat. These gloves have teeth or bristles that run along one side of the glove and a place to insert your palms on the other side. Brush gloves are best used for cats with short hair and good for removing hair and removing dead skin cells. With brush gloves, you should be using a petting motion and gently stroke up and down with the brush glove. These gloves are not meant for detangling.

Cat Brush Mitten: These brush mittens are very similar to brush gloves in that they go over your hands and have small short bristled used for grooming and de-shedding. Brush mittens offer more surface area over brush gloves and you have even more control with a mitten. Mittens tend to be even more flexible than brush gloves and even have bristles on the thumbs.

Rubber Cat Brush: These cat brushes are great for medium length cat hair. They have a strap that holds in your hands and cups in the unit to the palm of your hands. The unit itself is usually made of plastic, so it won’t be as flexible as a brush glove or brush mitten. However, cat brushes let you apply more pressure.

Slicker Brush: These kind of brushes have an actual handle that extends from the base of the brush. These type of brushes are designed for long haired cats and give you more leverage when you are grooming your cat. Slicker brushes can either have fixed pins or retractable pins, which are great for cleaning out the cat hair. With retractable pins, you can press a button and the pins of the brushes will retract and you can easily wipe away the hair. The trade-off is that if the pins get stuck and don’t retract, you may end up doing more work than you need to.

Long Haired vs Short  Haired Cats: For long haired cats, you kind of need brushes that are a bit longer so that you can grab loose hair by the roots. This is especially true with Persian cats, who can have long tangy hair that can clump up easily. With short haired cats, you need to have brush bristled that are short. You should consider brush gloves for short haired cats because they give you more control.

Shedding vs Grooming: Also, you have to decide whether you want a shedding brush or a grooming brush. Grooming brushes help remove excess hair and make your cat looks better. Shedding brushes are designed to clean up excess hair after you have already brushed it down.


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