Best Magazine Loader

#1. RAEIND Pistol Magazine Loader

The REIND is the best magazine loader if you are looking for a speed loader for pistols of all types. This works very well for single and double-stack pistols, loads fast and seamlessly, and has a pushbutton lock for safe storage.

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Why do you need the Best Magazine Loader?

If you own a firearm, you may be interested in getting the best magazine loader. These devices are also called speedloaders and help reduce the time it takes to reload a firearm. These speedloaders come in various forms and are designed differently depending on the type of firearm used. For example, shotgun and rifle magazine loaders are much different from revolver or pistol reloaders.

The reason you may need to use the best magazine loader is that often loading the magazine of a firearm can be very difficult with just your hands. If the magazine has a high capacity, if you are to load up individual bullets, the high pressure of the spring will make it such that each subsequent round takes incrementally more physical force to jam in. If you don’t believe us, try loading bullets into a magazine yourself! This is where the magazine loader comes into play. It is usually a pretty inexpensive device that you put over the top of the magazine.

Normally you still have to arm it by squeezing something, but it makes loading bullets much easier. With most magazine loaders, you still have to place bullets into the mag loader individually. It is just that the magazine loader gives you some mechanical advantage. These simple devices are also known as thumb savers and can really save you a lot of trouble.

Best Magazine Loader

Best Magazine Loader

#1. RAEIND Pistol Magazine Loader

The RAEIND Pistol Magazine Loader is the best magazine loader if you want a great universal loader and unloader. This magazine loader is compatible with 9mm, 357, 40, and 45 caliber magazines. It also works with single and double-stack pistols. We like that this is a one size fits all magazine loader with no inserts, spacers, or adjustments needed.

We think the RAEIND is built very well and can handle hundreds of rounds of loading without causing any pain to your fingers. We like that the rounds drop in effortlessly without using too much force. This magazine loader is also very lightweight and fits in your hand. It only weighs a few ounces and fits in your pockets without taking up too much space.

Also, it is pretty durable and does not scratch easily. Finally, there is a pushbutton lock, that locks it in a sort of closed position and making it great for storage and transporting. We think that with very little investment in this magazine loader, you definitely get some pretty great returns. It is well worth the investment.

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#2. Makershot Custom Magazine Speedloader

Keep in mind that this is not a universal loader, so be sure to find the right caliber and magazine that is compatible. This is a high-quality polymer speed loader that is made in America with quality engineering. The load speed is good with great ergonomics and will definitely save your fingers some trouble. We really like the fact that this magazine loader is fast, durable, and well-built at a very low cost.

It has no moving parts and fits both 7 and 8-round mags. While it may be a bit hard to figure out how to load it at first, it definitely gets easier with practice. Just know that the first round may cause the round to jam inside.

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#3. Speed Beez Ruger Speed Loader 5 Shot

If you want the best magazine loader for revolvers, try the SPeed Beez Speed Loader. While this particular model works for the 38 or 357 Ruger LCR, Speed Beez makes plenty of speed loaders of all types. This is a push-in system that makes reloading revolvers incredibly easy. You simply load the speed loader with rounds either by hand or through a loading dock.

Then just insert the entire unit into your chamber and push on the back until you hear it click. This will instantly load the rounds, giving you fast reload times than if you did it manually. We really like the fact that this is a seamless push-in system that doesn’t require you to twist. It makes reloading extremely fast and reliable.

You can also use the push knob at the end to let the rounds out the speed loader to unload rounds. Overall, this is a high-quality speed loader for revolvers of all types.

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#4. AmmoPAL 12 Gauge Shotgun Speed Loader

The AmmoPAL 12 Gauge Shotgun Speed Loader is the best magazine loader for those who like fast-loading shotguns. Ok, while this is technically not considered a speed loader or magazine loader, we just want to include it for shotgun enthusiasts. It is merely a shotgun shell holder and lets you pop out shells seamlessly.

You still need to manually load the shells with your hands. With the AmmoPAL, you no longer go through the situation where you are fumbling around in your pockets for shotgun shells. This is particularly useful during the winter when you don’t have to fumble around for shells trying to pull them from elastic loops with cold fingers.

The spring-fed retention system works quite well and instantly releases a shell while popping the next one into place. We like this shotgun speed loader because it also has two adjustable belt clips so you can attach them to a vest, bag, or waistline.

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Best Magazine Loader

#5. RangeTray Magazine Loader

The RangeTray Magazine Loader is a nice and cheap little device you can get for your firearm to prevent your hands from fatiguing during loading. This magazine loader comes in 8 different colors and is designed for 9mm and 40 calibers. We really like the fact that there is a dual-loading mechanism that gives you a choice of how you want to load your magazine.

You can use the thumb on the top to depress the loader or the tabletop method. It is a nice and cheap little unit and it definitely works. You do get the occasional jams and the build quality is just not nearly as nice as the Maglula, but you get what you pay for.

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