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best beard balm

Liberty Grooming Beard Balm

The Liberty Grooming Beard Balm is the best beard balm for those who want a premium product. It is frequently voted in men’s magazines as the best smelling beard balm out there. This product is made of all natural ingredients and has a very smooth and silky consistency that rubs onto your beard easily. Many men with great beards swear by this product


best beard balmIf you are a man with a beard and need a proper grooming accessory, you may be interested in the best beard balm. Beard balms are often used in conjunction with beard oil, but the two are not exactly the same thing. While beard oils are more popular for beard grooming, beard balms are starting to find their way into your bathroom counters.

While beard oil is just a mixture of various essential oils, beard balm is a bit more. Beard balm has all of the essential oils to moisturize and condition your hair, please it has sealants and other products that help shape and style your hair as well. We recommend getting the best beard balm if you have medium to long beards that need to be styled.

Beard balms tend to stay on your beard and skin longer than beard oils, which will give you a longer lasting shine, moisture, and hold. Another situation where you may prefer beard balm over beard oil is if you have a short beard and extra dry skin, because beard balm is more viscous and lasts longer on your dry skin. Many people use beard balms and beard oils together, giving their beard extra moisture, thickness, and hold. If you do decide on purchasing a beard balm, you should know by now that you can’t just grab any beard balm off of the rack. Beard balms can vary depending on the level of hold, ingredients, conditioning power, fragrance, and cost. We have put together a buying guide below to help you understand the features of beard balm better.

Best Beard Balm Reviews

Liberty Grooming Beard Balm

best beard balmIf you want the best beard balm that is has one of the best scents in the industry, you should look into the Beard Balm by Liberty Group. We are not going to lie, we think the best part of this beard balm is the amazing fragrance. It has a manly scent that is subtle. We hate the beard balms that are just overpowering and too much in your face.

The Liberty Group Beard Balm finds that fine line between strong and light and delivers a perfect scent. In fact, this brand is featured on many men’s magazines and hits the top of polls as one of the most popular balms because of the scent. Furthermore, this beard balm is made of essential oils such as shea butter, beeswax, and other all natural ingredients. This balm glides smoothly on your hair and skin and gives your beard a slight natural hold. And it definitely doesn’t clump up or leave a sticky mess on your beard. It has a smooth consistency that can only come from a product that is made with professional craftsmanship.


Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

best beard balmThe Honest Amish Beard Balm is the best bead balm if you want vegan friendly ingredients. This proprietary blend is infused with all sorts of natural ingredients such as pumpkin seed, grapeseed oils, avocados, fruits, and nut butters. If you look at the ingredients list, you pretty much find all of the list to be natural offering products.

There are definitely no chemicals on the list. Additionally, there are no artificial fragrances in the Honest Amish and all of the scent comes from the natural smell of the products inside. There are also 15 hair enhancing and strengthening products thrown in to enhance the conditioning power of the product.

Again, these enhancements are harvested in the wild and there are definitely no preservatives involved. We think the Honest Amish definitely lives up to its name. Even the package is made of 100% recyclable tin and there are no secrets. Also there are no ingredients that could trigger any allergies or cause any kind of poisoning.


Smooth Viking Beard Balm

best beard balmIf you want the best beard balm that presents great value, the Smooth Viking Beard Balm is the way to go. This beard balm is reliable, conditions well, holds great, and is priced just right. It helps thicken your beard so that you get a fuller beard with style. This balm is made with a lot of natural occurring premium oils and comes with a pure light scent that is not too overpowering and doesn’t have added artificial fragrances.

When you apply the smooth Viking Beard Balm through your beard with your fingers, it helps untangle hair as well as encourage beard growth. This balm is lightweight, mess free and doesn’t leave clumps on your beard. You can leave this in after application for all day conditioning. This stuff works and many of the customers we spoke to swear by it. We recommend you use this for medium to long length beards and you are allowed to use the Smooth Viking with beard oil.


Best Beard Balm Buying Guide

best beard balmFor those who want a thicker looking beard that is stylish, using the best beard balm is the way to go. Beard balm is loaded with essential oils, strengthening, and conditioning products to give your beard a fuller, healthier look that you can also mold and style in shape. If you have a thick beard, you should be using beard balm daily to give you beard moisture.

For the best results, you should wash your beard before with beard shampoo or soap and maybe even trim up your beard and apply aftershave. Make sure your beard is nice and dry before applying beard balm. Then squeeze out a quarter sized amount and rub the beard balm in between your fingers and palms before running it through your facial hair.

With beard balm, it has some hold so you can also style your beard in whatever way you choose. You can just leave beard balm in throughout the day. When you feel your hair getting dry or loosing shape, you can apply more beard balm or even try beard oil. To find out the best beard balm for your needs, please review some of the factors below.

Conditioning Power: Beard balms all help soften, condition, and repair old hair as well as promote new hair growth. They also help prevent the itching caused by new growth and rogue hairs. Beard balms will help you go from an itchy dry and full looking beard to a fresh, thick, and better organized masterpiece. Some beard balms work better than others in all of these features. In general, you want beard balms with good conditioning power and loaded with lots of essential oils to give you this well-conditioned thick look.

Ingredients: Most of the premium beard balms out there are made of all natural ingredients. Common ingredients are derivative of fruits and nut butters as well as various kinds of oil such as avocado oil, sweet almond oil, pumpkin seed oil, argan oil, and safflower oil. Basically what we are saying is that if you go through the ingredients list and see a bunch of natural ingredients, it is a good sign.

You should think twice about beard balms with lots of ingredients that sound like chemical names. You don’t want too many chemicals on your hair and skin so be sure you go through the raw materials of any balm before buying it.

Level of Hold: The one thing that differentiates beard balms from beard oils that balms offer a bit of hold on your beard so that you can style it. Of course, this only works if you have a beard that is long enough to be styled. While beard balms definitely don’t have the level of hold as gel, wax, mousse, or promenade, they can certain offer some level of hold that will give your hair some kind of fluidity. Some beard balms will state the strength of their hold in the label so be sure to watch out for this when shopping for beard products.

Fragrance: Every beard balm has a certain fragrance. We are not going to sit here and tell you what scents you should be going for, but there are definitely some fragrances that are clearly better than others. We would avoid beard balms with fragrances that smell too artificial and chemical. There are plenty of beard balms that smell masculine and smooth.

Cost: Price is always a factor to think about when shopping around for the best beard balm. While most balms are pretty cheap and can be found in any drugstore, there are some premium products that men who are very particular about their beard are fussy about. What we are saying is we think that the standard run of the mill beard balm will do, but if you are particularly fussy, you should go with a premium brand.



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