Best 700c Inner Tube

best 700c inner tube for bikes

The Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube

The Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube is the best 700c inner tube for bikes with the highest quality and the best performance. Riding high grade bikes with this perfect tube would be an unforgettable experience and you will never want to go back.


A 700c inner tube is a standard part of many roadbikes. The “700” refers to the nominal tire diameter in millimeters (about 27.6 inches). These inner tubes have different widths of tires such as 25-32cc, 28-32cc or 32-47cc. Before you buy a 700 inner tube, you should figure out the type of bike you own and find out the size of your tire.

The most important thing about a 700c inner tube is its material. As we know, these products are all made of rubber. But natural rubber performs much better than synthetic rubber. Tubes made of natural rubber can be more elastic, and they are easier to produce. But they have less resistance to oil, heat, light, wear and tear and solvent. Some producers may use chemical powders to get better performance, while others may choose synthetic rubber to make the tubes more durable. It’s hard to judge which way is better.

Powders can not last long, but synthetic rubber tubes may have thin points or even holes on them. It may feel bad when you run into a bad tube, but there is no way to avoid this issue. You have to buy more inner tubes for future blow-outs. Therefore, it’s important that an inner tube should be easy to replace and pump up. A tube with a Schrader valve is the best as this American nozzle is easier to inflate and leaks less air. If you have a top grade bike, you need a Presta valve, also known as a French valve. It’s thinner, so the wheel can be more narrow to have less weight. The major problem is it may be hard to find a suitable pump for Presta valves.

The following 5 product are the best 700c inner tubes on the market. As we tested in our lab, they got better performance than their competitors. We made the judgement according to durability,workmanship,weight and price. There should be at least one of them meets your needs.

Best 700c Inner Tube

Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube

best 700c inner tube for bikes

When talking about bikes, Continental is the company which is always mentioned. It produces different parts for high grade bikes. If you want the best 700c inner tube for bikes, the Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube is the perfect choice. The workmanship of the Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube is the best. The manufacturer uses cured mold to extrude the rubber into seamless tubes. Also, all the tubes have been made perfectly round.

The nozzle of the tube is a Presta Valve as its statement. It’s the best valve for a racing bike which has narrow tires for less weight. The core of the valve is removable so you are able to add extenders or use Revo Sealant to get better performance. All these features make the Continental tube one the best inner tubes for racing. It has been chosen by riders all around world.

Additionally, the Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube is durable. It can be used on mountain bikes as the tube has nice elasticity to absorb the vibrations. The Continental tube is lightweight, but it perfectly keeps air inside. You can use it for years and there won’t be any problem unless there is a freak accident.

Finally, you don’t need any skill to replace the Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube when it pops or leaks. But you should know it uses the Presta valve and may need a special pump. The product has different sizes for all bikes, please make sure which size you need before your purchase.

– Great craftsmanship
– Tubes made perfectly round
– Durable
– Tube has nice elasticity


Street Fit 360 tubes

best 700c inner tube

Street Fit 360 is a well known company which provides all kinds of parts for bikes. If you want the best 700c inner tube for your favorite bike, you should take a look at the Street Fit 360 products.

The tube we are going to talk about is for all bikes with 700cX28-35 tires, especially Sunlite. It properly fits the tire and has nice performance. Also, it’s pretty elastic, so there is nothing to worry about if you use it as a tube for your mountain bike. The Street Fit 360s lasts long and hardly leaks. We recommend you buy a few and just keep them around as a backup.

The Street Fit 360 tubes use Presta valves, and you need a suitable pump for them. They are easy to pump and never leak. Three valves of different length are provided to meet your needs. If you are no sure about which one you should choose, call and ask the manufacturer, and you should get a good answer.

Anyways, this product is cheap so don’t expect much in terms of great performance and durability. They are pretty thin tubes in general but get the job done. Furthermore, it hardly gets flat unless it has been pierced. We think it works quite well for its price. Just don’t expect to put it on your high grade bike during any

– Rather thin tube
– Pretty cheap
– Easy fit for most tires
– Nice performance for the price


Goodyear Bicycle Tube

best 700c bike inner tubes for daily use)

Goodyear provides nice inner tubes for all kinds of different bikes. If you love riding and you need the best 700c bike inner tubes for daily use, the Goodyear Bicycle Tube will be a good choice. The Goodyear Bicycle Tube is priced very reasonably, and yet performs like a premium product. It’s quite thick and you can definitely use it as a heavy duty tube.

When you touch it, you can feel its smoothness due to the great material used. Additionally, the manufacturer used some additive to keep the tube elastic and wear-resisting. If you ride your bike very often, you should use an inner tube like this.

You might want to know that the Goodyear Bicycle Tube uses a normal Schrader valve. This means you don’t have to buy a special pump for this product. On the contrary, it may not fit racing bikes because they usually have narrow tires and the holes for their valves are too small.

Since the Schrader valve is bigger, it’s easier to inflate. It leaks air when the pressure is low, but it perfectly keeps air with high enough pressure. With this method, you can quickly know whether you properly inflated the tube or not.

Finally, you may need inner tubes of a different size, and the manufacturer provides all the options. You can certainly find a suitable inner tube for your bike, no matter if it’s a mountain bike, a BMX or even a children’s bike.

– Very thick
– Uses normal Scrader Valve
– Material feels smooth
– Wear resistant


Michelin Airstop Cyclocross Tube

best 700c inner tube for cyclocross training

As Michelin is the most well known manufacturer of tires, it also produces the best 700c inner tubes for cyclocross training. The Michelin Airstop Cyclocross Tube is what we are going to talk about in this review. If you need a reliable tube for cyclocross training, this product will perfectly meet your needs.

The Michelin Airstop Cyclocross Tube is very reliable. It’s quite elastic which gives it lots of durability. The tube itself absorbs a lot of shock and can withstand a lot of heat. Additionally, the Michelin Airstop is very lightweight. The Michelin tube may weigh only a bit more than racing tubes.

You are probably better off with a serious racing tube in competition, but these are come close. We are confident you will get similar speeds with this product. Finally, this product is thick. You can’t find a better tube for training than the Michelin tube. It prevents flats and air loss, so you can finish every cyclocross training with confidence.

Additionally, the Michelin tube is easy to use. The 40mm Presta valve is easy to inflate but hardly loses air. The replacement is so easy that you can do it without any special tools. You will be happy as the Michelin tube saves more time for your training. If you want, you can just buy more Michelin tubes as backup. The chemical powders all over the tubes can make them light-resistant so you can keep them for a long time in storage while still maintaining performance.

Finally, we do not recommend you to use the Michelin tubes for regular daily riding. The Michelin tubes have shorter life than normal tubes, because the powders will lose friction after riding in wet environment. Fortunately, they’re cheaper and more durable than expensive racing tubes. Using the Michelin tubes instead of the racing tubes during the training will save a lot of money.

– Great brand name
– Pretty elastic
– Easy to use
– Easy to inflate


The Kenda Tube

best 700c inner tube

Kenda is a Chinese brand of rubber products. It started its business since 1962, and it provides the most competitive product on the market all over the world. The Kenda 700 x 28-32c 48mm long SCHRADER Valve tube is the best 700c inner tube with nice quality and a reasonable price. It’s reliable to be used for daily riding, and you won’t get disappointed after you have tried it.

The Kenda tube performs like a regular tube with long valves. The long Schrader valve makes the Kenda tube easier to inflate. Also, the Kenda tube is wear-resistant. If you have got a mountain bike, the Kenda tube is a great choice. The material is synthetic rubber so the product gets better resistance in different environments. In the heat of the summer, the Kenda tube won’t melt and burst like other soft inner tubes.

As a bike inner tube for daily use, the Kenda tube is surely reliable.However, the Kenda tube is less elastic. If you pump too much air in it, there will be a big burst. If you love doing bike tricks, you’d better not use this tube because it can’t stand the sharp increase in pressure when the wheel hits the ground. As it’s not so lightweight, so using it for racing may not be wise. The workmanship is not stable so sometimes it may come with thin points or even holes on it if you are unlucky.

– Great performance
– Easy to inflate
– Lightweight
– Great workmanship



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