Best 4×4 Speed Cube

best 4x4 speed cube

UROPHYLLA Speed Magic Cube 4x4x4 Stickerless

The Urophylla Speed Magic Cube is the best 4×4 stickerless speed cube for its build quality. It is a competition ready fast cube with great handling and seamlessly turning. It is waterproof and stickerless and rarely gets dirty.


A 4X4 speed cube is a kind of Rubik’s cube which usually shows up in speed solving competitions. It’s more complex than a 3X3 Rubik’s cube, which is the most common size. If you are not experienced, a 4X4 speed cube may be too hard to solve.

As the 4X4 speed cubes are designed for competition, they are fast. You can easily improve your speed of solving with a speed cube, since the normal ones are too slow. The tension of a 4X4 speed cube should be adjustable. Modifying it with a screwdriver will make it perform even better. The adjustment is easy and you can do it at home. If you are a starter, make sure you do the adjustment following the instruction, or you may break the cube.

A 4X4 speed cube is more stable than normal cubes. The rounded internal corners it has will make it never lock up. The cube hardly pops if you make every turn in the right position. Speed solving will be more enjoyable without facing these annoying situations.

We tested most kinds of cubes available on the market, and we recommend the following 5 products. Considering durability, smoothness and price, these 5 cubes are the clear winners.

What is the Best 4×4 Speed Cube?

UROPHYLLA Speed Magic Cube 4x4x4 Stickerless

best 4x4 speed cube

The UROPHYLLA is a nice 4X4 Rubik’s cube for speed solving. It sells quite well all over the world. This is a durable product with bright colors and smooth turning. It also as a very reasonable price. The UROPHYLLA is the best 4X4 sticker-less cube for every experienced cuber.

First of all, the UROPHYLLA is stable. If you are familiar with advanced cubes, you know the differences between a speed cube and a normal one. Normal cubes often lock up or even pop into pieces. While these cubes are great to mess around with, you can’t take part in competitions with a normal cube or put a lot as risk. The UROPHYLLA performs much better. It has a well-designed structure to make sure it turns smoothly and never pops.

The UROPHYLLA is also a fast cube. The size of the product is 6.2cm x 6.2cm x 6.2cm, so you can easily handle it. The slightly rounded internal corners make turning smooth. The superior corners are cut at reasonable degrees so that the risk of locking has been reduced. Like other speed cubes, the UROPHYLLA has a tension adjustable structure. Loosening or tightening the cube will help you get better performance. And it’s easy as you can simply do it with a screwdriver.

Finally, the UROPHYLLA is convenient and durable. Since the UROPHYLLA is sticker-less, it’s waterproof and hardly gets dirty. Its colorful plastic body never fades, and there is no need to change peeled-off stickers. It performs just like a new one after months of using.


Twister.CK Carbon Fiber Sticker 4x4x4 Puzzle Cube

best 4x4 speed cube

If you love Rubik’s cubes and you want something stylish, you should get yourself a Twister.CK. This 4X4 speed cube looks really cool. It’s not simply a nice speed cube, but also an artwork for your home.

The Twister.CK 4X4 speed cube has a bright, colorful body. And it’s been covered with black carbon fiber stickers. After testing so many colorful cubes with stickers, we feel quite different when we see this product.

As a speed cube, the Twister.CK is quite functional. The materials of this product are environmentally friendly and durable. The carbon fiber stickers are waterproof and anti-slip. They help you get better performance especially when you are in a competition with sweaty hands. And the body of the cube is made of ABS plastic material. In other words, the cube hardly breaks.

The Twister.CK 4X4 cube is also fast. The cube turns smoothly,
because its internal corners have been rounded. The cube has lighter weight than its competitors, with the size of 61mmX61mmX61mm. The tension of the cube has been adjusted by its manufacturer. This cube is not only easy to handle, but also smooth to twist.

All these features make the product to be the best 4X4 speed cube. If you are a professional player, the Twister.CK 4X4 cube will definitely help you win.


D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 4×4 Speed Cube Stickerless

best 4x4 stickerless speed cube

If you are looking for the best sticker-less Rubik’s cube on the market, you can’t miss the D-FantiX Cyclone Boys. This sticker-less 4X4 speed cube is made of eco-friendly ABS plastic, which is safe and harmless to human and environment.

This product is easy to play. This 60mm cube fits your hands very well. You can do the solving with one hand easily. The Cyclone Boys hardly locks up because the structure of it has been designed to be anti-pop. The product has been tensioned and lubed by its manufacturer, so it turns super smoothly. We advise you to perform the adjustments with the guidance of the manufacturer. Please don’t twist it with force when some layers are not in the right position, because it will crush the inside like other 4X4 cubes.

This product is also a reliable cube for long time usage. Since it’s sticker-less, it’s easy to clean, and it never fades. The only bad thing is the quality of the product is not always stable. You usually get a perfect cube, but one that is very loose. If you are not lucky, your cube would pop into pieces, break several parts of its inner structure, and become permanently damaged. We have to say, most cubes on the market have the same problem. The reason why we still recommend this product because it has a lower risk of popping as we tested and provides a quick full-refund.


MoYu AoSu 4X4X4 Speed Magic Cube

best 3x3 rubik’s cube

The MoYu AoSu 4X4 speed cube may be the best stickered 4X4 Rubik’s cube on the market. This cube is a Chinese product of high quality. It has been designed for speed solving, and performs well in competitions. A professional cube player should give this product a try.

The cube turns really fast. It’s made of ABS materials, which make the product harmless and light. The inner structure has been well designed. The tension of the cube can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver. You can loosen the tension to make the cube twist faster, or tighten it to reduce locking. The cube has been lubed by its manufacturer. The internal corners are properly cut, so you will never get stuck when speed solving. If you do every twist to the right position, the cube will never pop.

This product is also really durable. Although it is stickered, you don’t need to worry about peeling. The stickers are glued solid. These stickers are also anti-slip, so the MoYu AoSu performs better than those sticker-less cubes without frosted surfaces. This means the cube will never slip off your hand, fall to the ground and break into pieces.

Another advantage of the cube is its material. It has been made of eco-friendly ABS material, which is non-toxic and environmental. It makes the MoYu AoSu a better choice as a present for children.

Finally, the manufacturer provides a 1 year money back guarantee. If you are confused with so many kinds of 4X4 cubes on the market, try the MoYu AoSu. It may be the best Rubik’s cube for you or your children.


Shengshou 4x4x4 Puzzle Cube

best 4x4 speed cube

If you are looking for the best 4X4 speed cube on the market that is budget friendly, Shengshou 4x4x4 Puzzle Cube is one of your better choices. This product provides a super low price that you can’t resist. A cheap toy like this cube is the best for those hyperactive kids. It’s not the best choice for competition, but it could be a good cube for practicing your speed solving.

We’ve done several tests on this cube to determine its quality. It performs like a well-designed speed cube with cheap materials. It has the essentials for speed solving, but lacks in terms of durability.

This cube is easy to twist. The size is 2.5X2.5X2.5 inch so you can easily handle it. The internal corners are rounded, make every turn smooth. The cube is pre-lubed, so it hardly locks up when twisting.

Our biggest complaint is that you can’t really count on the durability of this cube. You can see scratches and burrs all over it. It rarely pops, but if that happens, the cube may never be fixed. That’s because the cube is crunchy and may break its internal structure after popping.

We do not recommend this product if you want to use it for competitions. It is great for practicing and as a gift, much it lacks the build quality for tournament use.




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