Best 2×2 Speed Cube

best 2x2 speed cube

CuberSpeed Moyu Weipo 2×2 Black Magic

The CuberSpeed Moyu is the best 2×2 speed cube for those who want a cube for competitive use. It is a great performer and is both fast and smooth. It can also be a cool toy for your kids.


If you want to take part in a 2X2 speed cube competition, you definitely need the best 2X2 speed cube. It should be of reasonably sized, durable and the most importantly, smooth. The most expensive one may not be the best, so you should think carefully before you pay for them.

The size is important because it influences your speed of solving. The best 2×2 speed cube should fit in your hand comfortably. It shouldn’t be too big as it may be slow to turn. Also it shouldn’t be too small or you won’t be able to control it precisely. However, you can choose smaller cubes if you are skilled.

A durable cube will the best cube for you to practice your speed solving. To improve your speed, you need to practice for maybe hundreds of times with your cube. If it is not durable, it pops. The most horrible thing is that it pops just when you are solving it in the competition.

Finally, if your cube is not smooth, throw it away. A slow cube is hardly a toy since it is not interesting at all to play with. You can’t perform well in a match if your cube is not smooth.

Considering all these features, we tested many cubes to find out which one is the best 2X2 Rubik’s cube. The following 5 cubes are highly recommended.

What is the Best 2×2 Speed Cube?

CuberSpeed Moyu Weipo 2×2 Black Magic

best 2x2 speed cube

The best 2X2 speed cube you can get on the market for performance is the CuberSpeed. It has been designed just for speed solving. It may improve your speed so that you can solve one in less than 2 seconds. This is your best choice if you want to be the champion.

The WeiPo 2×2 has the right size to fit your hands. It feels good in yoru hands and has great texture. This product is very light, and it’s easy to control.

People may worry about its stability since it’s light.  After hours of testing, we have to say the stability of the product is quite reliable. It has patent positioning system. The manufacturer makes hidden edges with big holes to get better corner cuttings. At the same time, it provides bigger places for corners’ feet, by reducing the thickness of plastic accessories in the core. These designs effectively reduce the lock-ups, and make the cube more stable than its competitors.

To make the cube smoother, the corners’ impact area is enlarged, and core has been produced with smaller size. The WeiPo 2×2 turns fast, and you may use some lubricant if you want it smoother. You may also adjust its tension with a screwdriver. It’s easy but it may increase the risk of popping, so you should be careful when you are doing it..


ShengShou 2x2x2 Puzzle Cube

best 2x2 rubik’s cube

This is another great 2X2 Rubik’s cube, which is made by ShengShou. If you are looking for a cheap cube to practice your speed solving, this product would be your best choice. You just pay less than 6 bucks, and you will get a high quality 2X2 cube.

This cube is made in China. That may explain why this product is cheap but quality. It has a simple spring screw design to make its tension adjustable. So it’s not just a toy for kids, but a good 2X2 speed cube for practicing. It never pops if you turn the layers accurately to the right position at each step. This will help you to improve your control of the cube.

After testing in our lab, we found it smooth enough to be a 2X2 speed cube. Each layer turns fast, and adding some lubricant will make it work even better. The corners are rounded, so the cube turns easily and never locks. If you break your best record with this cube, it won’t be surprising.

As a cheap product, it can’t be a perfect cube. Compared with its competitors, it’s not as durable. If you pop it too many times, the cube may become unfixable. And it’s not sticker-less. The stickers on the cube are solid, but they are not waterproof. They will slowly fade if they receive sunlight directly.


Twister.CK 2×2 Speed Cube

best 2x2 cube

This is the best 2X2 speed cube, if you are looking for something stylish. Most companies produce a cube with a plain body and some colorful paper or plastic stickers. When you see the colorful body of this product, and those grey and black carbon fiber stickers on it, you will realize that the Twister.CK 2×2 is one of the coolest 2X2 Rubik’s cubes.

The the cube looks nice and sleek, but we do not buy cubes just for the decoration. It also should be stable and fast to be a good speed cube. Fortunately, as we tested, it performs perfect for every cube player.

As a cube for speed solving, the Twister.CK 2×2 turns smoothly. The corners are rounded just like other speed cubes do so that the cube locks less. Adding some lubricant would be a great improvement. You can also adjust its tension with a simple screwdriver. It is quite reliable and won’t let you down in any competition.

The size of the cube is 4.9*4.9*4.9cm. You can easily handle the cube and you can even solve it with only one hand.
As you may buy the Twister.CK 2×2 and keep playing for a long time, you need to know whether it is a safe product. It is made of ABS plastic, which is not poisonous. The carbon fiber stickers are also safe. It won’t do any harm to children unless they break it and swallow the pieces.


aGreatLife The Cuby 2×2 Cube

best 2x2 stickerless cube

The Cuby is a classic speed cube produced by aGreatLife. The body of the product is purely black, with colorful stickers on it. Just like those cubes in our childhood, the Cuby is the best 2X2 Rubik’s cube for children.

This cube is easy to carry. It goes without saying that the size of the cube is 2 x 2 x 2 inches. You can bring it everywhere, and play it whenever you want. As a two-layer cube, the Cuby is quite simple and relaxing to play. It is the best toy for killing time on the road.

The Cuby is also the best speed cube for starters. It has locked corners to prevent inner core misalignments, so the cube won’t be in any unsolvable state. That makes it easy to solve. The official free online solution guide will help you if you still stumped. It is a good guide to learn the art of 2X2 speed solving.

As we mentioned the speed solving, you may be interested in how fast it can be. It twists and turns smoothly, like rubbing two pieces of silk. The structure of the cube prevents popping, so you can try your best to improve your speed. It hardly locks up, that’s another help when speed solving.

There is no better gift for children than this cube, but it’s still not perfect. It’s not sticker-less, so it may fade or peel off after months of playing. Anyway, it performs good enough as a classic Rubik’s cube at its price, and we can’t ask for more.


VFunix 2×2 Speed Cube

best 2x2 stickerless cube

The cubes with stickers are outdated. It would be very annoying if those stickers fade or come off. So, if you are looking for the best 2X2 stickerless speed cube, you should consider getting a sticker-less one. The VFunix is just the right choice for you.

The VFunix has a body which is made of solid colored plastic. The colors are bright and easy to distinguish. It looks very attractive as a toy for children. So if you want something as a present, this cube will be a very good choice.

The VFunix is not only a good gift. It is the best sticker-less 2×2 speed cube on the market. On each side of the cube, the corner cutting is balanced. It has average weight distribution, so it won’t be out of balance and slip off your hand when you solve it. Each layer slides smoothly. You can improve the smoothness by adding some lubricant or adjust its tension with a screwdriver. These features make the VFunix a very professional product as a speed cube. It performs no worse than any of its competitors.

There is no need to worry about its quality. If anything goes wrong, just contact the manufacturer. After that you will get a free replacement or full refund, and you don’t have to return anything.




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