Best 5×5 Speed Cube

best 5x5 speed cube

ShengShou 5x 5 x 5 V III Speed Cube Puzzle

The ShengShou 5×5 VIII is the best 5×5 speed cube for those who want a durable product that can be used in competitions. It is well priced and turns very smoothly.

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Magic cubes are the most amazing toys in the world. They are usually designed to be 3X3,4X4 and 5X5. It goes without saying that the 5X5 cubes are the most challenging. If your old 4X4 cube can no longer satisfy you, you need a 5X5 cube. If you are a master of magic cubes and want to improve your speed cubing, you should get yourself the best 5X5 cube.

The most important features to judge a 5X5 cube must be the smoothness and the design of corner cutting. Those features determine not only the speed but also the joy of solving the puzzle.

For the smoothness, some manufacturers use lubricant. It helps the cubes easily turn but also makes them a little dirty. For pro players, some cubes are designed to have adjustable tension, and they are very personalized but not easy to adjust. These features should be considered when looking for the best 5X5 cube as a gift or personal use.

The design of corner cutting is very important. The best 5X5 speed cube should have rounded internal corners, which help the cube turn better. It also decreases the risk of locking and popping.

There are some other considerate features of 5X5 cubes. A sticker-less cube would be a better choice, since the stickers may easily get dirty or come off. It is good to have brighter colors, but the material of the cube should be environmental and healthy. Finally we must consider the price. Keep in mind that the cheapest sometimes maybe the best.

What is the Best 5×5 Speed Cube?

ShengShou 5x 5 x 5 V III Speed Cube Puzzle

best 5x5 speed cube

ShengShou is a well-known brand of rubick’s cubes. The manufacturer is very experienced in producing all kinds of cubes. The 5X5 speed cube we are talking about is one of its best products, and it is very popular all over the world.

If we ONLY consider the price, this would be best 5X5 speed cube on the market. As a product made in China, it’s cheap, durable and works good when you play with it. As we mentioned the word ‘cheap’, we meant that its price is basically half of its competitors. At the same time, it works surprisingly good and very durable. In other words, this is a value buy.

The size of the product is 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm. It can be easily handled by children. The cube has a white base, with colorful stickers to distinguish each surface. The stickers are tightly glued on the cube. They hardly come off even if you use a scraper. Unfortunately, they fade a bit if exposed to strong light for a long time. And they are not waterproof either, so we do not recommend playing with wet hands. You need to change the stickers with new ones if they get dirty or come off. Luckily, this is an easy process.

This 5X5 Rubik’s cube turns smoothly as it has rounded internal corners. Inside the cube it uses an adjustable spring structure, which means you can adjust its tension to fit your level. It’s not lubricated, so you may want to add some lubricant if you are not satisfied with its smoothness. For pro players, it does as good as those professional products after a few simple modifications. For starters, it’s good enough for practicing speed solving.

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Twister.CK 5×5 Speed Cube Magic

best 5 x 5 cube

The Twister CK is the best 5X5 speed cube if you want style. It has a very unique design and definitely does not look plain. Contrary to its competitors, it has a body made of colorful plastic and each surface has different colors. The stickers are grey and black. It looks so cool that if you take part in a competition with it, all the attention will be focused on you.

This cube is not just about winning style points. It is also quite functional. It has a size of 6.1X6.1X6.1cm. Its colors are all noticeably different, so you will never get confused. The durable carbon fiber stickers provide great grip and are basically waterproof. It is can also double as a cool toy for your kids. The Twister CK is easy to handle, and it’s quite durable.

These details make the Twister CK suitable for professional use. Additionally, it is a very good cube for competition. Its rounded corners lead to smoother turning. But it can’t be loosened, since its structure has been designed to be anti-pop. It may help you to become more confident when solving extremely fast. You can’t be the champion with a cube which easily pops. The stability of the cube is also necessary, and this cube has it.

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QiYi MoFangGe Snow Leopard Stickerless Speed Cube

best stickerless 5x5 speed cube

If you are looking for the best 5X5 stickerless speed cube, this one will be the right choice. It’s 6.4cmX6.4cmX6.4cm. Any child above 3 years old can easily play it. It goes without saying that it is a sticker-less cube with bright colors. This means you don’t have to worry about anything peeling off of the cube. Also, it would a great present for children who loved magic cubes.

We like the fact that it is really durable. This particular rubik’s cube goes through way less wear and tear compared to its competition. Since it has no stickers, it’s ok to use it with wet hands. In that case, it may slip off your hand, because its plastic surfaces are quite smooth.

You can also use this magic cube for competitive play. It turns smoothly, and works stably. There is no need to disassemble it to adjust its tension or add lubrication. It performs quite well in speed solving. This product has been accepted by many professional cube players. If you need the best sticker-less cube but you are not sure which one is the best, the QiYi MoFangGe Snow Leopard is one of the most reliable choices.

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ShengShou 5×5 Speed Cube

best 5 x 5 rubik's cube

This 5X5 speed cube maybe the most popular cube product in the world for amateur rubick’s cube enthusiast. It’s a Chinese product of certificated high quality. It is not another cheap toy made by some nameless Chinese factory. It is produced by ShengShou, one of the most well-known manufacturer of Rubik’s cubes. We have even seen these cubes show up in the competition.

This 5X5 speed cube maybe the most popular cube product in the world for amateur rubick’s cube enthusiast. It’s a Chinese product of certificated high quality. It is not another cheap toy made by some nameless Chinese factory. It is produced by ShengShou, one of the most well-known manufacturer of Rubik’s cubes. We have even seen these cubes show up in the competition.

This cube is 6cmX6cmX6cm, and it can be easily played with just one hand. It’s so durable that it hardly breaks unless you smash it onto the ground. Because of its superior durability, it is a great practice 5 x 5 speed. You can solve it thousands of times without worrying about it breaking.

It is not sticker-less. But the stickers it uses are not easily fading paper stickers. They are made of plastic, so they are waterproof and they never fade. They have all held up very well and hardly come off unless you heat them with fire. The only bad thing may be the risk of getting your fingernails stuck when speed cubing.

As a professional rubik’s cube, it has adjustable tension settings. It turns smoothly as most of the speed cubes, and it gets better performance after you loosen it a bit. If you add some lubricant, it can be the best 5X5 speed cube for competitive use. Finally, it’s quite easy to modify the cube without its instructions, which are written in Chinese.

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Vdealen 63.5mm Speed Cube Stickerless Magic Cube

best 5 x 5 sticker less cube

To find the best 5X5 rubik’s cube on the market, we’ve tested many different brands of Rubik’s cubes. And this colorful stickerless cube finally became our best choice.

The Vdealen Stickerless Magic Cube has a high performance design, which makes it more valuable. It is designed for extremely fast solving, with slightly rounded internal corners. This makes the cube much easier to turn. At the same time, it has a structure that you can adjust its tension to make it work better. The size of it is 63.5×63.5×63.5 mm, so it is very easy to handle.

The material of the cube is recyclable. The original ABS material is not poisonous. Without stickers, the colors of its surfaces never fade, and the cube is hard to get dirty. It’s not the most durable, but also it won’t break easily. You can have fun with it for years without it breaking down much.

Playing this 5X5 cube can be a good training for your brain. It fosters your sense of space and enhances your memory. This may be the best present for children if they are interested in speed cubes. You can also buy one for yourself to kill the time in cases such as waiting for the train. It is the best cube for not only beginners, but also professional players. This product is smooth, stable, durable, and the price of it is reasonable. For the high quality of the product, it is not easy to find a better cube than this one.

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