Best Prunes

#1. Sunbest Pitted Best Dried Prunes

We really think the Sunbest Pitted Dried Prunes are the best prunes because they are just simply the best tasting in our honest opinion. They are perfectly sweet and juicy with great texture and the freshest quality. Other brands just simply cannot rival the flavor, richness, texture, and price. These are really nice dried fruits.

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Best Prunes

#1. Sunbest Pitted Dried Prunes

If you want the best prunes, the Sunbest Pitted Dried Prunes is a great choice. These prunes are a great source of vitamin k, potassium, and fiber. We really like the taste of these prunes and think they just simply taste better than the competition.

They are sweet and juicy, but they definitely don’t taste artificial or unnatural. They really do have that perfect dried prune taste and are very addictive. Also, it helps to know that there are no preservatives added and these dried prunes come in a resealable bag for longer shelf life.

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#2. Kirkland Signature’s Pitted Prunes

Yes, while Kirkland is a huge name brand in the food industry, it does not mean that they make subpar products or their products are not “organic” enough for the average consumer. We just so happen to really like the taste of these dried prunes by Kirkland Select. They are all pretty big-sized and plump.

We also found that since Kirkland is a big brand, their quality control is also pretty much on point all the time. This means that Kirkland had way fewer defects and deformed prunes than any of the other brands we tried.

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Mariani Pitted Best Dried Prunes#3. Mariani Pitted Best Dried Prunes

If you prefer a smaller name, a gourmet brand with a gourmet taste, the Mariani Pitted Dried Prunes are the best prunes for you. These prunes are probably the best tasting if you are going for that sweet homemade taste.

They are juicy and plump and there is definitely nothing artificial or commercial about them. While a bit on the sweeter side for prunes, they do seem like they were just made in grandma’s kitchen and delivered and packaged fresh on the spot.

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We Got Nuts Pitted best Dried Prunes

#4. We Got Nuts Pitted Dried Prunes

The We Got Nuts Pitted Dried Prunes are a great way to enjoy dried plums that are already pitted with a very long shelf life. It is safe to say that these dried prunes are very soft and flavorful.

Additionally, according to some users and review, they also do a pretty good job in relieving constipation and is a natural medication. Finally, these prunes are naturally fat-free, high in potassium and fiber, and natural pretty sweet already with no additional sugar added.

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#5. Food To Live Organic Pitted Prunes

We think Food To Live makes pretty solid organic dried prunes and definitely vouch for this product. They are USDA-certified organic and made with the freshest quality ingredients in a careful and stringent manufacturing process.

These prunes are great for stand-alone snacking or even as baby food. They are nice juicy and plump and not as sweet as some of the other brands we tried like We Go Nuts. So if you like your prunes on the more sour side, the Food To Live Organic Pitted Prunes are the way to go.

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