Best Plasma Ball

best plasma ball

Creative Motion 7in Plasma Ball

The Creative Motion 7 inch is the best plasma ball if you want something with great build quality. It has an intense and vibrant electric discharges that are pinkish colored. It is about the size of a soccer ball.

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If you like to have a cool looking toy, you maybe interested in purchasing the best plasma ball. The plasma ball is also known as a plasma globe, plasma lamp, dome, sphere, tube or orb. They are magical devices that appear like electrical discharges are projecting from the center to the glass when electricity is supplied.

When you place your fingers on the glass, the electrical discharges will come towards your fingers. This is a cool phenomena that kid’s love. Plasma balls are used in many applications such as in a kid’s lab, as a cool toy, decoration for your room, a prop for a magic trick, and even as a nightlight.

The best quality plasma balls are clear spheres usually made of quality glass and filled with noble gases. In the middle is some kind of electrode that takes high voltage and emits high frequency electric current. The color of the plasma ball depends on the gases used inside.

Not all plasma balls are created equal. Some are clearly better than others. They differ from each other mostly on size, build quality, and additional features. Size is an obvious one and they are measured by the diameter of the sphere. They also stand on a platform that supplies the current. In terms of build quality, you should make sure that the glass is durable and can withstand a fall. There are some cheap plasma balls that can break and be hazardous. Finally, there are additional features such as a sensor that can reach to sound and music.

What is the Best Plasma Ball?

Creative Motion 7in Plasma Ball

best plasma ballIf you want the best plasma ball that is 7 inches, you should definitely check out the Creative Motion Plasma Ball. This particular plasma globe is exactly 7 inches in diameter and has a durable black plastic base that measures 4.5 in x 7 inches. The base is mounted on four plastic bumpers, so it doesn’t really slide around.

You can either set this plasma orb to run continuously or have to react to sound. When you have it react to sound, the electric discharges can jump with your voice or music. This is always pretty cool to show kids around you.

The Creative Motion 7in works even better when you use it in a dark room. The plasma tendrils are highly detailed and fly everywhere. They are also easily attracted to your fingers. Luckily the glass itself does not collect fingerprints easily, so you can feel free to touch it all day.

The Creative Motion Plasma Ball emits a cool pinkish light that can also turn orange. Unlike other cheaper looking plasma balls, we think this one feels way more sturdy. The weight and balance feels right and doesn’t feel like the electricity can jump out of the sphere or just shatter the glass. In other words, it is extremely safe to have around your kids.

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SensoryMoon True 8” Plasma Ball Lamp

best plasma ballWe think the SensoryMoon 8” is the best plasma ball lamp if you are going for quality. This particular model is a true 8 inch diameter, unlike some other models on the internet claiming 8 inches. To give you a relative sense of what this would look like, just imagine something a bit smaller than a professional sized soccer ball.

The overall build quality of the SensoryMoon is superb. It is made of hand blown glass, a sturdy and balanced base, and a 3 foot long cord. The electrical discharges come in shades of pink, purple, red, and blue. It is durable and safe to use around kids. The unit is also pretty drop proof and won’t just shatter if you drop it at shoulder height.

The coolest feature of this plasma ball isn’t the fact that you can put your fingers on the glass and attract electricity. It is the fact that it will respond to loud sound and music, which is really cool to have around a party. The SensoryMoon only works when it is plugged in. Our only complaint is that the 3 foot cable maybe too short in some cases.

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Unique Gadgets & Toys 8” Nebula Plasma Ball

best plasma ballThis particular plasma ball comes in both 6 and 8 inch versions. The Unique Gadgets & Toys Nebula is the best plasma ball if you something that is reliable. The base is plastic like most plasma balls, but it just feels more durable. Perhaps this is why it is priced higher than the cheaper models in the industry. The base stands a 5” x 5” x 12 inches which is spacious enough to hold a 8 inch glass sphere.

Perhaps the best feature of this plasma ball is that it is built for long term use. Sure it gets a bit warm at the top of the sphere, but it is designed to run continuously without blowing up. But if you are going to have kids under 10 around it, please make sure it is out of their reach.

The electrical sparks emitted have a pinkish red tone to it. There is also an audio mode that allows the currents to move with vibrations and music. However, we found that there needs to be a bit more sensitivity to this option.

The Unique Gadgets & Toys 8” Nebula is pretty safe as long as you follow the precautions. Don’t place it near anything hot like a radiator or fireplace. And try not to drop it as there are cases where the plasma ball can explode. However, feel free to keep in running continuously or as a night light.

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RioRand Plasma Ball

best plasma ballWe really like the RioRand Plasma Ball if you want the best plasma ball that is small and cheap. First and foremost, it is a 3 inch glass sphere with a base that is around 4 inches in diameter. The base funnels up and looks like a wizard’s tower. To give you a idea of how big it is, you can probably fit this ball in your hands.

We like the cool colors emitted by the RioRand Plasma Ball. It can double as a cool lamp light and kids are just fascinated by it. If you place your fingers on the glass, the electrical discharges will obviously follow your fingers. These currents have a cool dark purple glow and looks spectacular in the dark.

Perhaps the best feature is the fact that it can be operated by USB port or 3 AAA batteries. This makes it really portable and so you can easily bring it with you on the road. Unfortunately, it does not have a wall plug but with the USB plug, you can attach some adaptors to it if you want a wall plug.

The RioRand is a very cost effective plasma ball. Most of the plasma balls we recommended are going to be pricier, because they are larger and more durable. We are not saying that this particular plasma globe is terrible quality. Just don’t expect too much. We think the RioRand is a great gift idea. It can be used to spice up work or home space as well as wow your kids.

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Lebbeen Glass Plasma Ball

best plasma ballThe Lebbeen Glass Plasma Sphere Lightning Light is the best plasma ball if you want a happy medium. At 4 inches in diameter, this particular plasma ball is not too big and not too small. If you are shopping for these plasma spheres on the market, you will find that they typically range from 3 inches to 8 inches. We think 4 inches is a great middle ground. Also, the price is just right, so not as cheap as a 3 inch and not as expensive as a 6 or 8 inch. They also have different sizes.

The Lebbeen Plasma Globe has some vibrant colors. These pinkish purple electric currents really stand out and are prominently seen inside the glass. These currents seems to look thicker and more intense than most of its competition. Additionally, this plasma ball is sound activiated, so the currents will dance around iff you bump music loud enough. We do find that it doesn’t always work, but we appreciate the gimmick and effort made.

In terms of build quality, it is acceptable. We don’t think it feels as nice as the more expensive plasma balls, but it also doesn’t feel entirely cheap. This plasma globe plugs into the wall and the cable length is quite long. Overall, very solid gadget that will bring your kids and science together.

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