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Maeng Da

If you want the best kratom powder that delivers a lot of energy and focus, you want to go with the Maeng Da variety. Maeng Da loosely translated in thai means “pimp” or “beetle.”


best kratom powderIf you are looking for the best kratom powder or the best kratom pill, you have come to the right place. There is a lot of misleading information over the internet over where to find trustyworthy kratom suppliers, what it is used for, and the current status of kratom as a drug in the USA. Also, nobody seems to have written about their experiences with trying out different varieties of kratom.

As a new user or prospective buyer, you should definitely educate yourself on this topic before delving into the benefits. Our team of reviewers has done some of the hard work for you and sampled various known and lesser known kratom powders and pills on them market. Please read more below if you want a background on the subject or skip to the reviews below to find the best kratom powder or best kratom pills.


Best Kratom Powder Reviews

Maeng Da Kratom (More Energetic Effect)

best kratom powderIf you want the best kratom powder that delivers a lot of energy and focus, you want to go with the Maeng Da variety. Maeng Da loosely translated in thai means “pimp” or “beetle.” Before it became popular for global consumption, it was popular within Thai locals who endure hours of heavy manual labor. While this strain is no longer manufactured in Thailand, but instead in Indonesia, the name lived on.

Maeng Da is probably the most popular type of kratom commercially available today because it is one of the most unique strains and one of the most potent. Maeng Da is great in boosting your general energy levels and gives you tremendous focus. Meanwhile, it also has pain relieving abilities, although it is less noticeable than a red vein strain. Maeng Da is also used widely for its euphoric effects, and in particular to help treat depression and anxiety. Traditionally, people take Maeng Da for its extreme endurance and focus, so it works great even as a pre workout supplement.  If you are looking for something that is more relaxed and sedated, we would not recommend the Maeng Da.


Red Vein Bali Kratom (More Sedated Effect)

best kratom powderBali Kratom is the best kratom powder if you are looking for a more sedated feeling. It is one of the most popular strains if you are going for an almost pure sedating effect. If you are after energy and focus, you should look into the Maeng Da. After taking some red vein bali kratom, your body should feel really relaxed. Please keep in mind, this is certainly not like the “stoned” feeling you get from taking too much marijuana. It does not give you a sleepy or groggy effect and you are still able to function properly and go on with your day. The best way we can describe this feeling is euphoric. It helps calm you down but at the same time makes you happy.

There is no outer body experience that comes with the consumption of this product or any kratom. At most, you could be having a bit of a warm feeling through your body after taking it and your hands may even start tingling. This is considered a slower strain than Maeng Da and is used to relax and to help you sleep. Additionally, Red Bali does a great job of relieving pain, whether it’s in your lower back or neck. Ingest a few grams of this when you feel sore after a workout or if you suffer from chronic pain. Please keep in mind dosing when taking kratom as well and always start small and build up a tolerance. We recommend buying Red Bali from Kratom Crazy. They are a trusted vendor of kratom and have a full time support team and a large and growing fan base, which is already saying a lot in this industry. Plus the offer 30 day money back if you are not satisfied with your order. How many other vendors are offering that? We urge you to also read some reviews on their site to learn more about these strains.


More Info on the Best Kratom Powder

What is kratom? Kratom is a plant and that’s all. There is nothing else added to it. To be more specific it is called Mitragyna speciosa and is a tropical tree native to southeast asia. One of the reasons it has become popular lately is because it has opiate like properties. Many people take it to relieve chronic pain, to relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms, or simply for recreational use. The active ingredients in kratom are mitragynine and 7-HMG, which are mostly found in the kratom leaves. The most common way to ingest kratom is by grinding the leaves into fine powder and mixing it with hot water. Since it is quite bitter, most people add a sweetener or even take it in pill form. The low dose range is about 1- 5 grams of grounded kratom leaves and creates a mild stimulant effect. At mid to high doses (5- 15g) you will feel more of an opiate sedating effect. You begin feeling the effect of kratom around 30 minutes after ingestion and the effect lasts five or six hours.

The best kratom powder or the best kratom capsule usually comes from few different strains, each giving you a different feeling when ingested. Online sellers of kratom normally market their products as a color strain: in particular, red vein, green vein, and white vein are the most popular. The color difference has to do with difference of the central vein along the kratom leaf. The differentiation in vein color has to do with kratom trees that grow in different environments and climates. Vein colors are viewed as having different effects on your body and mind. White vein kratom leaves give you a sort of rush of energy, sort of like a caffeine high but without the anxiety or restlessness. You become more concentrated, motivated, alert, and vigilant. It also has a longer come up period at peaks at around 2 hours.

Red vein kratom gives you more of a calm feeling. It is great to treat or reduce pain and as a sleep aid. It has more of a physical effect than a mental one. Green vein kratom is best known to be a hybrid of red and white vein kratom. It will boost your energy levels, but not as much as a pure white vein. It will keep you alert but not take you to the edge. It will also ease with some back pain and give you some physical relief. Please also keep in mind that these are not strict guidelines, and what you may experience maybe different from others. There are other stains besides just red, green, and white such as Maeng Da, which translates into “pimp” in thai. Normal nomenclature for kratom strains starts with the color of the kratom leaf and then the region it came from.

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